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A Very Diverse Women’s Skirts Sale | Vintage Skirts Review

We previously talked about Skirt Outfits in women. We went through a very diverse set of outfits, and it was natural to wonder about skirt options when shopping online. For this reason, we are providing you with this Women’s skirts sale review, where we share our opinion on some of the best vintage skirts on the internet.

This review is personal and follows no particular order or trend.

We encourage you to dig deeper if none of our picks are to your liking. And with that said, onto our first pick!

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Linennaive Wool Pleated Skirt

girl with long wool pleated skirtType: Pleated

Price: $125

Place to buy: Etsy

Materials: Wool 87%, Elastane 13%

Sizes (inches): (Waist, Length) – Small: 31.00 x 27.00, Medium: 31.00 x 29.00, Large: 32.00 x 31.50. Full size range goes from XS up to 3XL. See sizes section of product for full details.

Our first pick is an amazing pleated vintage skirt by Linnenaive. The skirt is handmade, 100% wool, and comes in 2 colours (Goldenrod & Red) and in 7 different sizes. Personalized orders and returns are also available.

The Linnenaive pleated skirt prioritizes comfort and proper waistline adjustment. Both the numerous sizes available and the personalized order options, assure that you can get a perfect fit for your body type.

The fabrics and the design itself are very high quality, but you have to be careful when washing it and when placing things on top of it as it has a strong scent that may stay present. The fabrics are also ideal for fall and winter temperatures. You can look very feminine on winter and still be warm!

Although a little expensive, you can expect a unique product with lots of attention given to its production.

Finally, the Linnenaive skirt can be worn in very different environments, as it is both casual and slightly formal. The top and shoes will largely determine this.

Tanming High-waisted A-line Skirt

girl wearing a line skirt

Type: A-Line

Price: $19.99 – $29.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 70% Polyester, 30% Wool

Sizes (inches): (Waist, Length)X-Small: 25.00 x 22.44, Small: 26.70 x 22.83, Medium: 28.40 x 23.23, Large: 30.00 x 23.62. Sizes vary with colour, for more details look at the size chart provided in Amazon

Few knee-level skirt can compete with the tanming A-Line skirt. It has a squared pattern and comes in 6 different colours, with every colour having different sizes to choose from. It is a high waist skirt that comes with a zipper to adjust.

The combination of polyester and wool is very unique. First, its very soft, comfortable, and allows for free movement of the legs (the swirly effect is a nice addition).

It is also a warm fabric, and depending on the length and the clothing you use underneath, it can be used both in hot and cold environments. Finally, the price range is a bargain basen on the quality of the fabrics.

But there has to be a downside right? Well, people seem to have a little bit of trouble with the size chart being a slightly off. Keep this in mind and be open return and reorder if you have troubles with it.

Overall, a very good option for its price. A Scottish aura glows all around it!

ESTEEZ Womens Ponte Stretch Pencil Skirt

girl wearing pink pencil skirt

Type: Pencil

Price: $24.96 – $34.95

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 69% Rayon, 27% Nylon, 4% Spandex

Sizes (inches): (Waist, Hip, Length): Small: 26.50 x 33.50 x 24.50, Medium: 28.50 x 35.50 x 24.50, Large: 31.50 x 38.50 x 24.75. See photo provided by ESTEEZ in the link for full size range. Amazon’s size chart is wrong.

A hidden gem when it comes to pencil skirts on the internet, this ESTEEZ skirt works wonders in working environments.

The fabric is thick and tight but at the same time is a little bit stretchy. This allows for comfort and freedom of legs and hips (for pencil skirt standards, of course), and most of all, the skirt keeps its shape even after a long day at the office. It stretches below the knee.

A huge variety of sizes are available, starting from XS up to 3XL. 6 colours are available and all of them have a nice black panel on the sides which makes them look and feel great.

No buttons or zippers on this one, just a nice pull on closure. A matching blazer will do wonders for you!

Some people say it comes a little bit small but most buyers don’t have this problem. Only one thing is for sure; it is one of the best-rated pencil skirts out there for both quality and price!

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Dorotice 50s Yellow Godet Skirtyellow circular skirt

Type: Circular

Price: $32.00

Place to buy: Etsy

Sizes (inches): (Waist, Length) – Small: 26-28 x 34-37

A very nice skirt by Dorotice; a portuguese vintage brand that produces great short skirts (among others). Ideal for a sunny day out, parties and other semi-formal events, you can create a wide variety of outfits with it.

It is only available in small size but its high waist allows it to be worn at different heights. It is handmade and it comes in a unique yellow tartan pattern which contrasts very nicely with dark colours.

The skirt also comes with an elastic wasitband that hughs you waist comfortably.

It is a great skirt among similar options in that price range and not many people know about it :). Be sure to check the waist is not too wide when trying it out and that you feel free but not loose.

Milumia Paperbag Denim Short Skirt

girl with mini denim skirtType: Denim

Price: $23.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 85% Cotton, 15% Polyester

Sizes (inches): (Waist, Length) – X-Small: 26.40 x 16.10, Small: 28.00 x 16.50, Medium: 29.50 x 16.90, Large: 31.90 x 19.50

The denim skirt is a 90s classic, so you know we had to include at least one on our list. This one, however, is a little different.

The first thing to notice is its unusual paper bag waist, which in combination with its denim belt, makes up a really stunning package ideal for a summer day and many other casual occasions. The skirt also features 4 pockets (2 on the front, 2 on the back) and comes in 4 different sizes.

The hem and length can vary according to your measurements, so be sure to check your body type and how high you want the waist to be.

In case you don’t like the paper bag design, milumia offers other types of denim skirts. If you wish, you can check them out on the link provided.

Cadence Printed Mini Skirt Blacksexy look with mini tiered skirt

Type: Tiered/Mini A-Line

Price: $245.00 ($125.00 on offer)

Place to buy: Reiss

Materials: 100% Viscose

Sizes (inches): (Waist, Hip) – X-Small: 23.6 x 33.9, 24.6 x 34.8, Small: 25.6 x 35.8, Medium: 27.6 x 37.8, 29.5 x 39.8 Large: 31.5 x 41.7

Reiss features a huge variety of styles for men and women with great modern designs and some vintage gems here and there. Their catalog is super high quality so definitely check them out.

Their printed mini skirt is small but has lots of attention given to its details. It has a very nice ruffle hemline that is printed all over. It is fastened with a zip that is perfectly concealed.

The skirt comes in 8 different sizes ranging from XS to L.

It is a very sexy and classy looking skirt that is ideal for semi-formal events or simply for a day/night out. Comfort and freedom of legs are assured, while also keeping your upper legs hidden as it is a high waisted short skirt. The fabric being viscose is breathable, absorbent, light, and soft. Very high quality.

A great thing about Reiss is that you are presented with clothing and accessories to complement your piece, so you can get an idea of which types of items go well with it.

Overall, a great skirt ideal if you want a feminine and delicate look. Be sure to catch it while it’s on offer as it comes at half the price (A deal you can’t miss!)

Daisy Midtone Circle Maxi Skirt

girl wearing blue maxi skirt

Type: Circle/Maxi

Price: $58.50

Place to buy: Etsy

Materials: 100% cotton

Sizes (inches): (Waist, Length) – Small: 26.75-28.25 x 37.00-38.50, Medium: 30.00-31.50 x 40-41.75

Our last pick is a very nice pleated maxi denim skirt.

The skirt is handmade and comes in 4 different sizes between the small and medium sizes (See chart provided by Etsy). The denim is a bright and colourful blue.

Usually, when there is only one design available, the skirt is mostly a hit or miss with people either loving it or hating it, but in this case, there seems to be a common agreement… everyone loves it!

Featuring premium denim, you get a soft, weightless, thin, and breathable skirt that flares freely as you walk and it is super comfortable. It also comes with a zipper and a pair of big pockets

Another great thing is its coziness as it can keep your legs warm even during winter.

The seller (DeMimJeansAndGifts) is very accessible and can answer any questions you have about the product. Oh! and you also get express shipping worldwide, so forget about long waiting periods.

If you are into maxi skirts, you will definitely like this one. Also, be sure to check out the rest of DeMimJeansAndGifts, it is one of the best stores for denim products.

Get the best out of your skirts

Skirts are very diverse and full of potential. The impact a skirt can have is widely dependent on your choices for top and shoes. Remember to try different types of clothes in combination with your skirt to truly achieve the potential it has.

We hope that this selection of skirts helped you get the one that you were looking for, even if it wasn’t among our picks. If you have anything you want to share, don’t forget to leave it in the comments section down below.

Take care and stay tuned for more content!

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7 thoughts on “A Very Diverse Women’s Skirts Sale | Vintage Skirts Review”

  1. Great review article you have here. Am pleased to say, am impressed with the skirts here. Particularly three have caught my attention, the ponte stretch pencil, the black high waist Vivien swing and the LINENNAIVE  wool pleated skirts. The way they bring out the body shape and texture shows some standards of classic.

  2. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article for me.  My wife’s birthday is closing and she loves skirts. I plan to buy one skirt for her birthday. I think about this for a while now, never take time to do research.

    Here comes your artilce, which contains exactly what I am looking for. I know that my wife likes Linennaive Wool Pleated Skirt and she loves the red colour. I clicked the link you provide, but the link is not working. I wish you could provide the correct link so that I could have a look of the entire collections. I wish there is red colour one.

    1. Hey Anthony! Thank you for letting me know about the link. I will fix it and get back to you as soon as possible. Cheers!

  3. This is such a nice little article. Vintage clothing pieces have been gaining a lot of my attention recently and I’m absolutely in love with the first skirt pictured here. I’m very happy that that particular skirt goes all the way up to a 3X. Not enough skirts go up through plus sizes which leaves a fairly large demographic out of being able to purchase cute clothes. I do think the biggest reason for this is due to the fact it can be bought on Etsy and it is handmade. 

    1. Thanks for your comment Rachel! I agree with you, new skirts focus more on thinner and smaller body figures and are shorter. The traditional feminine look is being replaced by the sexy rebellious look, but as you said, a lot of people just don’t want to fit into that category. Vintage skirts usually are available in plus sizes which is great!

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