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Women Hats in Sale | Best Vintage Options

We recently talked about some of the most popular types of vintage hats and headwear for women. We gave you some of their main traits and provided you with a general overview of how they look. Now, in this edition of Vintage Shape’s reviews, we give you a list of some of the best/most trusted women hats in sale.

As always, no particular order is followed and we aim to cover as many styles as possible. We hope that at least one of the items listed below is of your liking!

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F FADVES British Style Pillbox Hat

Type: Pillbox/Elegant

Price: $35.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 100% Wool

Dimensions (inches): (Length, Width, Height, Circumference): 7.87 x 7.48 x 3.54 x 22.05-22.83

We start with an amazon pillbox hat by F FADVES, ideal for formal events such as weddings, church, or balls.

It is available in 3 colours (Black, Camel, and Red Wine) and the above dimensions. It comes with an elastic rope that allows you to fix its circumference and helps to keep the hat in place. The beautiful bowknot on top is the cherry on the cake and looks stunning from anywhere you look.

The wool is very good as it is resistant, flexible, and it feels very nice in your head. Also, due to the available colour diversity, you have decent flexibility to pick a matching outfit.

The main downside of this hat, however, is the one-size restriction. People with larger heads tend to have a few problems adjusting it, and the hat not covering a wide part of the head makes it look funny and out of place.

Remember also to choose the proper haircut. Something that doesn’t involve bulges on the head will be better both for adjusting and looks.

DOCILA Plaid Beret Hat

Type: Beret/Casual

Price: $13.89

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 100% Cotton

Dimensions (inches): Circumference: 22.83-23.62

A great stylish option for a cold casual day, the DOCILA Beret hat provides everything you would want in a hat.

The fabric allows for comfort and warmness without sacrificing important needs such as breathability (huge when wearing hats that cover most of your head) and weight. It also comes in 4 elegant plaid patterns that combine perfectly with colours such as white, black, and brown.

And of course, we have to mention the great purchasing price… It’s hard to get any lower than this among vintage hats!

On the downside, the are a couple of things you might want to know. As with other hats, it is a one-size fit so the dimensions of your head would have to be in the range stated above for a proper fit (In theory, most girls fall into this range, so it shouldn’t be a problem). Keep in mind that the hat being slightly tight or slightly loose might also work; that would depend on how comfortable you feel.

Another downside is its delicacy. As it is a cotton lightweight hat, it is prone to wearing off and being squashed easily if you are not careful.

Having said this, If you take proper care of your items, the DOCILA Beret hat is a great option pricewise and fashionwise!

COMHATS Cloche Bucket Bowler Hat

Type: Cloche/Casual/Formal

Price: $21.99 – $29.95

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 100% Wool or Wool & Polyester

Dimensions (inches): (Circumference, Brim): 22.00-23.20 x 2.40

You can’t talk about vintage hats without including a cloche. The comhats hat is one of the best out there. You can choose between cheaper options made out of Wool and Polyester (around $22.00), or go for the premium which is made entirely out of wool ($29.95 – This is the model shown in the picture).

The combination of wool and polyester allows it to be crushable and packable, as it regains its shape easily. On the other hand, the fully wool one doesn’t allow this, but it provides greater warmness during winter. All the models provide great sunblocking potential. Avoid rainy environments with it.

Also, every model has an inside sweatband, however, the outside is quite different. The inexpensive option comes in 6 colours, and with a rolled edge and surrounding band outside. On the other hand, the premium one comes in black only and with inside adjustable string and a more feminine design with the flower on the side.

Both are great options and being cloche hats, they tend to adjust to almost any type of head since it is worn a little bit large. Comfort is assured in any case 🙂

Finally, comhats has other models available that may interest you.

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Enjoy Holiday 1981 Solid Color Head Wrap & Scarf

Type: Head wrap/Casual

Price: $19.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 100% Rayon

Dimensions (inches):(Length, Width): 71.00 x 32.00

Headwraps are overlooked when it comes to headwear. They are super versatile, not to mention comfortable.

The enjoy holiday 1981 headwrap is top quality. The rayon fabric allows for breathability, softness, stretchiness, and amazing comfort and durability. It comes in 24 colours (sadly some of them are currently not available) and its length and width allow for a wide variety of styles.

Some great perks are that it can be worn even in hot environments as the fabric doesn’t retain heat, and despite its huge size, it is very light weighted once worn. The price is very good considering all this.

The one thing to note is that these kinds of turbans require you to know exactly how to tie them. Improper tying can lead to it falling out easily, or looking like a shapeless bulge on your head. Be sure to look for advice on how to do this before purchasing it!

SAFERIN Fascinators Hat

Type: Fascinator/Formal

Price: $14.99

Place to buy: Amazon

You never know what to expect with fascinator hats. They come in such a wide variety of shapes and forms that each and one of them is unique.

The Saferin hats exploit this and allow their customers to remove the fascinators and try different combinations of them. There are also DOZENS of different models and colours available (sadly, they tend to run out of stock quickly so lots of them may be unavailable) with each and one of them being very elegant, beautiful, and flashy in their way.

The hats comprise the mesh, organza, headband, feathers, and removable hair clip and hair hoop. It is advisable to wear it with the headband as it clips comfortably and firmly to either side of the head, and altogether it’s weightless. The quality/price ratio is also very good.

Fascinator hats are somewhat delicate as they squeeze very easily. Despite this, they tend to recover their original shape with proper adjustment (a blow dryer may work), still, I would advise you to treat it carefully and don’t sit on it 😉

One thing worth mentioning is that the packaging and shipping are a toss-up. People tend to complain that the hat comes squeezed and other times the delivery goes perfectly. Keep this in mind when ordering.

Camel vintage fedora hat 

Type: Fedora/Casual/Formal

Price: $36.42

Place to buy: Etsy

Materials: Cotton and Polyester

Dimensions (inches):(Circumference, Crown): 22.40 x 4.00

A classic fedora, this camel hat by shana designs its simple in design but it has everything you can ask in a fedora.

It’s easy to wear and fits almost any type of head. The hat also comes with an inner lining for adjustment and an outside brown tie knot. The available colours are light and dark camel.

The fabric is nice and the hat is rigid enough to maintain its structure, however, it is best if you avoid crushing it or something like that. It comes at a decent price since you are definitely getting a quality product.

Shana designs also allow for personalized orders, however, these are only available if you are purchasing a wholesale (10 pieces or more).

ORIDOOR British Style Pillbox Hat (with veil)

Type: Pillbox/Formal

Price: $29.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 100% Wool

Dimensions (inches): Circumference: 20.5

Another Pillbox hat on our list, the ORIDOOR hat is a little bit different in style and comes with a great addition – The veil.

The hat is only available in one size, however, most women should be able to wear it. It comes with a rim, a ribbon, and two clips on the inside to assure fit and comfort, and a low crown, knot, and veil on the outside that looks amazing.

The hats’ fabric is soft and weightless and the quality is great. Completely worth the 30 dollars. It is a shame that it is only available in one colour.

An important thing to note is the veil is a little bit short. Some people love it and some people prefer longer veils. Keep this in mind when purchasing (although thanks to the refund & return guarantee there is no downside to trying it out).

(BONUS) Koola’s Lady Sun Sinamay Hat

Type: Sun/Casual/Formal

Price: $53.97

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: Sinamay

Dimensions (inches): (Diameter, Height, Brim, Circumference): 12.59 x 3.54 x 3.93 x 21.26-22.64

When summertime comes it’s very convenient to have a sun hat. But it’s way better if you have a dazzling sun hat. With our bonus pick, we aim to show you just that.

The koola’s sinamay hat features a wide white brim, a black bow, and a bowknot surrounding it. The hat is made out of sinamay, a top-quality material among hat fabrics that assures both delicacy and elegance. It also allows for flexibility and it recovers its shape quickly with heat (steam iron) although the hat itself is stiff. Further maintenance details can be found on the link provided.

The dimensions of the hat are specified above and the hat’s circumference can be adjusted by inside sweatbands to better fit your head type.

Return and refunds are available too.

A final word on headwear

Women’s headwear is a golden nugget. Lots of women out there are hesitant or even unaware that people notice headwear a lot.

Also, with vintage headwear, there is no loss. People love vintage hats and turbans even today, and it hasn’t gone out of style. You can combine some of these options with modern clothing and it won’t look bad. Pretty great isn’t it?! 🙂

We hope you found this review useful and continue to visit our different posts to keep up to date with vintage/ retro fashion. Oh! and don’t forget to leave your comments/suggestions down below!


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4 thoughts on “Women Hats in Sale | Best Vintage Options”

  1. Hi Alex, and thanks for the review on women’s hats. I never knew the names of all the different types of hats. With hot summer rays of the sun, the sun hat is the one I have been most familiar with. Thanks for introducing me to all of these different varieties to choose from.

  2. As a child and teen growing up in a British colonized country, I used to wear the basket bowler hat a lot.. I mean a lot especially going to church. we had to have our heads covered and I hated scarves…. lol. but my mom and her womenfolk loved the fascinators and the pillbox hats, it was very common especially among working-class women, and women who married into rich families. it was not cheap then. the sun hats always went with flamboyant dresses and it was not worn in the summer.. because our weather was all year summer…. it is nice to see these hats and remember these memories. These times were the 70s/80s. But now some women are still wearing hats and some younger women/ladies who are really into vintage and retro are making it look awesome… I personally like berets…. ..thank you for this warm post. love it.

    1. Thanks to you Chika and I’m glad this post brought back fond memories! Reading experiences like yours is very heartwarming and one of the main reasons I love vintage apparel. Enjoy the content of Vintage Shape 🙂

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