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The Future Of Clothing | The Role Of Vintage Apparel

The start of a new space – News reviews

Keeping up with trends and news may be time consuming and difficult, especially in a niche like vintage fashion.

This is the first (hopefully of many to come) news & opinions coverage we will be doing here at Vintage Shape. We will be discussing the latest articles, feeds, and reports that are relevant to the vintage industry; as we go through the news, we will give our point of view on the topic at hand.

Our goal is to create a space where everyone can join the conversation and voice their opinion. We encourage you to share your insights through the comments down below!

Our first news is a very exciting one. A Vogue article regarding the current state and future of vintage fashion.

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Vogue’s statement – Vintage Fashion is growing

Recently, Vogue posted a very interesting article about vintage fashion in 2020 and beyond. The article was written by Ms. Emily Farra and can be found here

In short, the article states that a combination of factors including the COVID pandemic, the climate crisis, and the racial unrest, have enormously affected the fashion industry.

Quoting Vogue “Fashion spending plummeted a record 79% in April. Loungewear was the only exception”.

This makes perfect sense; who in their right mind would buy expensive designer clothes when there is an economic crisis going on and you are forced to isolate yourself at home?

But there are bug winners among all these depression. Vintage, thrift, and secondhand which are all inexpensive, environmentally friendly, and with great designing potential, started to be noticed.

According to Vogue, “vintage fashion generated more than 35,000 new searches on Lyst, while entries for secondhand-related keywords increased 104%.”.

Also, designers are trying new ideas for 2021, either by designing their collections with leftover fabrics or by launching new vintage, more affordable collections such as Levi’s secondhand line.

women apparel

This only means one thing; the fashion industry won’t be back to what it used to be before the pandemic for quite some time (possibly never? What if people get used to the inexpensive alternatives? What if doing business with vintage lines becomes so lucrative that companies cannot give up on these?). Bad news for the top fashion companies, but great news for vintage enthusiasts just like me 😉

What the future holds

People are also starting to follow circular fashion, which basically is the reuse of used clothing as vintage or as a new recycled piece. Quoting Vogue “ThredUp predicts the resale market will hit $64 billion by 2024, and that the online secondhand market will grow 69% by 2021.”

This also touches on another important fact. Online shopping is starting to take over the world and the clothing industry is no exception. People nowadays are just a few clicks away from all types of clothes from all over the world.

The fear of clothing purchases on the internet is also fading away since most brands offer great size and fitting indications, as well as numerous refund options.

women shopping online

Having said all this, I truly believe vintage fashion has been presented with a unique opportunity for growth. How much will it grow? I think it will all depend on how well it is marketed. If it’s pushed just as a cheap alternative to designer clothes we may see just a slight increase in popularity, only lasting as long as the crisis.

On the other hand, if we see it being pushed not only as a cheap option but as an easy-to-purchase quality-piece, which not only embraces vintage trends but also adds something unique, then we may see it stay for a while. Who knows maybe vintage fashion will become so common that people will eventually forget it was vintage at all?

Either way, the reality is that it is an exciting time to be involved in the vintage world. As this continues to unfold, expect to see much more content on Vintage Shape. In the meantime what are your thoughts about this situation? Do you think the vintage fever will last long? Or maybe it will go away with the virus?

In any case, I would love to hear your opinion on this topic. Be sure to comment down below so we can have a discussion about the future of vintage and clothing in general.

That is all for now and I hope to hear from you!


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4 thoughts on “The Future Of Clothing | The Role Of Vintage Apparel”

  1. I love vintage fashion. And I agree with you that it will grow in proportion to how well it’s marketed. But silently inside I have my expectations high concerning their growth. There are very interesting times ahead for vintage fashion and I really hope high quality brands continue to push the bar higher.

    1. Hey Ann!

      I also have high expectations. We would also have to see if those vintage/retro models are put out in physical stores or just sold online and how people respond to that.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion!

  2. One thing that I like the most about the way vintage wears are can always Ben the perfect thing to focus on ways to really get committed and make the best use of this. I like the style and flair that comes with vi tage dresses and how they make it all look a lot more better than before.thanks for sharing here

    1. Hi Liza! Vintage (and retro) apparel has the advantage of having been used for many years. With time, people find new ways of incorporating new styles and get the most out of each piece, so it’s true they tend to blend really well with other pieces.

      Thank you for sharing your opinion!

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