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Essential Stylish Women Outfits | Outfits With Tops

Tops encompass a huge variety of styles, shapes, and colours that open the door to endless outfit possibilities. With vintage and retro, we have the same story .

At Vintage Shape we want you to explore new possibilities and encourage you to try different clothes; this is why we now give you some of the best stylish women’s outfits that include oldschool tops.

We believe that vintage apparel is great on its own, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be combined with modern clothing to create something marvelous. You will see what we mean below.

The outfits are represented by images throughout the article. We discuss them and we provide some alternative ideas for you to modify them.

Remember to check out our guide on tops and reviews to know more about some of the tops presented here and where to buy for the best quality and price!

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Tank top outfit – Simple and comfortable

woman in white tank top

The most basic and classic top you can find out there is the white tank top. It is such basic wear that many people overlook it.

It doesn’t matter if you are in a rush or yousimply don’t want to spend hours dressing up, you can always combine the white tank top to make it looks fresh, relaxed, and good.

The pants play a huge role (as with other types of tops too) but most people make the mistake of going for the same look… light denim. Skinny, cigarette. and ripped jeans, as well as short denim skirts make you look well, however, with a slight twist you can look even better.

A dark colour (black preferably) contrasts better with the white. Our suggestion is the high-waisted baggy black jeans; a casual, comfortable, and different look. Other alternatives are the baggy cargo pants (which go better with a short tank top) and other casual oversized trousers.

If you prefer a little more formality, a black short skirt with a belt or a long pleated skirt are great alternatives

girl in tank top and skirt

For the skirts a pair of heels will do; for the pants, some matching colour sneakers or converse are the ideal option. If you go for a non-white tank top, remember to match/contrast the colours well.

Soop neck outfit – Great vintage-modern hybrid

girl with scoop neck top

Scoop necks are very underrated. V-necks, sweetheart, or jewel necks are usually preferred. Still, scoop necks are very feminine, especially when they are long-sleeved.

Our featured outfit is slightly smart casual and features a thin, tight, and tucked long sleeve scoop neck that highlights your body structure, your neck, and your collarbones.

Women usually complement the scoop neck with long pants or jeans; not bad but there are better alternatives. Ankle-level slim trousers (for example drainpipe trousers) are much better as they maintain the tight figure of the scoop neck, while the ankles, hands, and chest combine in a swift elegant manner.

Be sure to wear some kitten heels or similar platform shoes that expose your feet.  A high-waisted tucked scoop neck will look very nice and with a matching belt it’s even better.

Also go ahead and wear a short thin necklace, it will look amazing too.

So what other legwear is ideal? Try a short pencil or denim skirt you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Tie-Up top – Go all vintage

girls with tie-up tops

We now go completely old school and give you a full vintage tie-up top outfit. One thing is for sure, there won’t be any girls looking like you once you wear this.

The tie-up top features short sleeves and a big bowknot as tying. Some tie-up tops (especially vintage ones) are very discrete when it comes to the tying; well, we don’t want that 🙂 A nice looking bow knot will make you look fantastic.

A very common trait among vintage outfits is how well everything matches. Ideally, the pattern that you chose for the top, doesn’t matter if its plain, stripped, or any other, is the one present on the legwear t00.

We are aware that wearing a full vintage outfit like this may be hard nowadays. If this is your case, just make sure you match the patterns well . A little creativity is always welcome!

gilr with blue tie-up top and skirt

For the lower body, you want to have a skirt or shorts. Take a look at our vintage skirt outfits to know more about how to match skirts.

If you want a more traditional look, try a long (below the knee) A-line or bell-shaped skirt, both look awesome with tie-up tops.

On the other hand, a more relaxed and casual look would involve chino shorts, board shorts, or some other low rise shorts.

With the shorts, a pair of heeled strapped or wedged sandals works, and for the skirts, some block heels will do the trick.

One last note: Tie-up tops have something unique going on. Almost any shirt can be tied in a way that you have a full, undistinguishable, tie-up top without the need to buy a special top or something like that. Check out this youtube tutorial to know how you make your own tie-ups!

Crop top outfit – Polo as a top?

Polo shirt as crop top

Polo shirts, being one of the classic shirts out there, had to be modernized. Not many people know this but polo shirts can be crop tops too… just cut the lower part of the shirt and there you go! A cropped polo!

Polo tops can be combined with a wide variety of pants. A standard pair of slim fit jeans looks great, also as with crop tops in general, short skirts look fantastic with them. These can be denim skirts, pleated skirts, or pencil skirts. Belts with short skirts highlight your waist.

Other types of skinny pants also do the work.

black polo crop top

As far as shoes goes, you also have a huge variety of options. For example, if you go for the mini skirt, you can try some ankle boots, gumshoes, or even some ankle strap or stilettos.

On the other hand, if you are wearing long pants, you can go for sneakers, slip-on’s, or clogs.

Overall, cropped polos give outfits a small twist that instantly makes them stand out, making you look very sexy and unique.

Turtleneck top outfit – An elegant alternative

purple long sleeved turtleneck top

Turtlenecks were widely popular in the 70s and all the way through the 90s. People tend to forget that turtlenecks are not just sweaters, they are (very appealing) tops too.

Thin turtlenecks are not only ideal for winter layering, but they can also be fashionable clothes. Being long-sleeved and slightly elegant, you can combine them with office-wear such as slim trousers or a long pencil skirt, alternatively, you can go for a more casual look with cigarette trousers or tight jeans.

A vintage/formal look can be achieved with a set of wide-leg pants, while a modern/sexy look would involve a short leather skirt.

girl with white turtleneck top

What about the feet? Well, there are a lot of alternatives. Leather pumps for the trousers, leather boots for the skirts, kitten heels for the cigarettes, and T-straps for the long pencil skirt are some of our suggestions.

Turtlenecks are much more visually attractive when they are plain and are worn in combination with other plain clothes. Dark colours are associated with more formal environments, while lighter colours are more party-ish and vintage looking.

Cami top outfit – Sexy & Discrete

camisole in working environment

As we stated in our tops guide, camisoles were originally women’s underwear and slowly became an outwear fashion symbol. For this reason, they have an inherent sexy aura attached to them.

So what happens when you combine a cami top with office attire like the long pencil skirt and the heels? Well, you get a low-key sexy outfit that looks great in working environments and outside of them.

Adding a blazer on top of the cami may be a good idea if you are looking for a more conservative look.

Also, the pencil skirt can fall slightly over the knee, as shown in the picture above, or you can try an ankle-level skirt. Going for a split skirt will add up some style points.

If you wish to go for a sexier look, the leather skirt is definitely the way to go.

girl with black camisole

Outfits like this look great with complementary jewelry on the wrists and/or the neck.

Off-shoulder top outfit – Another vintage gem

woman with off shoulder top

We couldn’t end our outfit suggestions without the pinnacle of feminity, as far as tops are concerned; the off-shoulder top.

In combination with a long skirt, the off-shoulder top radiates a traditional aura that makes women look absolutely gorgeous. It is no surprise that most wedding dresses are a combination of these two pieces.

You also have huge flexibility to combine these two… A casual outfit would be a plain tight off the shoulder with a knee-level midi skirt and some ankle straps. You can also go for a berrylush top with a maxi skirt and a pair of lace-up sandals.

More modern outfits could include short denim skirts or short pleated skirts.

More outfits are coming your way!

It may be the case that you want to give your outfit that unique final touch. In that case, headwear may be what you are looking for. Be sure to check out our guide on headwear and headwear reviews to know more about hats, turbans, and other complementary accessories that will be the cream of the crop of your outfit!

We are also aware that the outfits presented here are just a tiny fraction of an entire world of possibilities. Stay tuned for more outfit suggestions and be sure to check out our skirt outfits; we know you will like the alternatives presented there.

That is all for now and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below.

Have a great day 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Essential Stylish Women Outfits | Outfits With Tops”

  1. Maria Theresa Gonzales

    Wonderful idea, I never realized that polo shirts can be used as crop top, since I have plenty of it no longer in use, I might as well cut it.  I love also the cami top with a pencil skirt, it looks simple but elegant.  Thank you for these bright ideas. 

  2. Excellently presented vintage outfits with tops. I love the vintage style, and if I could choose which two versions of tops are my favorites in this article, I would opt for the classic white tank top and the turtleneck top. I like to wear trapeze pants, and both versions of tops are a wonderful addition to classic trapeze pants.
    Off-shoulder top, however, I find it great to combine with the skirts.
    Otherwise, all the vintage outfits presented are fantastic!
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Hey Nina! Glad to know you liked the article. I like your combinations 🙂 The flared (trapeze) pants go very well with tank tops and turtlenecks, it’s a shame that not many girls wear them nowadays. 

      Thanks a lot for commenting!

  3. Thanks for this enlightening post! Even though I’ve dashed out a lot of polo shirts to family and friends without knowing they could be explored as crop tops, I still have plenty of these shirts in my wardrobe. So, I’ll stop throwing them away. I was planning to get a few more in a matter of days. Thanks for the enlightenment.

    1. Hey Joyce! You should definitely try the polo crop tops! They look really flattering and you can wear them on endless casual occasions. Plus, by cutting and not throwing away the shirt, you are basically getting a completely different piece for free! Not to mention the cutting part is super easy. Good luck with that, and I’m glad to know you found the information useful Joyce!

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