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The skirt is, along with tops and heels, the pinnacle of feminine expression in clothing. Skirt outfits have been an essential part of women apparel for a long time; they have evolved as part of the fashion revolution and will continue to be a primary piece in women’s fashion probably forever.

The radical changes the skirt has suffered throughout the years are nowadays a blessing. In this age of time women are free of any kind of social pressure tying them to a particular clothing trend, in fact, they are encouraged to try new things and express themselves. This puts the endless skirt fashion apparel at their disposal to be creative.

In this outfits ideas post, we will briefly go through some of the most representative skirt types of recent years. We will discuss their main traits and we will give you some cool outfit ideas to spark your imagination. Be sure to check out our skirt reviews to find out more about options available online

With luck, you will know how to better combine your skirts!

Most iconic skirt designs

Listing all the different types of skirts would be a strenuous and scholastic task that would dispel your attention (We will cover skirts more in depth in other posts).

There are dozens of different classes of skirts, some of them being very similar to one another. For now, we will focus on the main designs and their appeal. These are listed based on shape and not length.

A-Line Skirt: Probably the stereotype of the skirt, the A-line is long and wide at the hem, flaring freely as you walk. They were widely popular up to the 1950s.

Nowadays although not as popular, people still see potential in them due to comfort, and their feminine aura. They accentuate the hips and can look very sexy in combination with heels, boots, or jackets. Their extension ranges from slightly above the knee to a full skirt

Pencil Skirt: You probably recall these from the pencil dress. The pencil skirt hit the market in the mid-1950s, became mainstream in the early 60s, and has been a common sight since then.

Its slim adjusts tightly to the hips and butt and the hem falls vertically up to and beyond the knee. It is eye-catching, flattering from the waist below, and serves well both in casual and formal environments. A classic model with great potential in today’s world.

Bell-Shaped Skirt: Similar to the pencil skirt but slightly less formal and with a more loose adjustment. It also falls more smoothly and goes well with high heels and tops. It is usually made out of thicker more resistant fabrics.

Pleated skirt: One of the most dynamic skirts out there. It is both a traditional skirt (full skirt) and a very modern one (mini skirt). Its name comes from the pleating fabric it has as design which also varies in thickness.

Personally it’s one of my favourites due to the wide variety of styles you can rock with it. It can be conservative, sexy, elegant, casual, comfortable, you name it. A variation is the inverted pleat skirt, where the pleat is inside out.

Bubble skirt: Originally popular in the 50s, the bubble skirt was reinvented in the 80s (known as puffball skirt) and gained much popularity.

With an uncommon puffball-looking style, the bubble skirt is very polarizing; a lot of people love it and a lot of people hate it. Either way, it is a unique skirt that comes and goes but still maintains its vintage vibe and most of all it can still be worn fashionably under the right outfit.

Denim Skirt: We end the list with a 90s classic that many people take for granted today but that can still impress more than one person.

The Denim Skirt can adjust both tightly or loosely depending on your style. The tight skirt is a must-have for ladies that exercise regularly and have strong legs and wide hips, while the loose on goes well with skinny girls that want to go for a more reserved look.

High heels are their best friend and there is a wide variety of tops to combine with and look stunning.

Popular skirt outfits over the years

A very good idea to come up with your outfits (especially when using vintage apparel) is to look at past tendencies and implement your own ideas into them.

In this section, we present you past trends involving some of the skirts previously mentioned. We tried to go for vintage looks that have the potential to stand out in the modern age.

Vintage outfits with skirts

First, for the A-line skirt, we can try a middle XX century approach. We can wear the skirt tucked-in slightly above the waist and in combination with a fitted shirt with a neck.

The sleeveless shirt is a personal favourite, but you can also go for the long or short blouse and give it a more elegant look. Patterns such as flowers and polka dots are a nice touch but don’t overdo them. Straight fabric works too.

Some discrete heels and jewelry on the wrists would be a nice complement. Maybe you could try a short hairstyle? They surely stand out with sleeveless shirts.

For the Bell skirt, we have a slightly different approach. This type of dress goes well with tops with long sleeves. A slight turtleneck is an amazing option for skirts like this.

One advantage is that the outfit stands out even when using flats. The length of the skirt also plays an important role.

In our suggestion we go for a more conservative look with the below-the-knee skirt and the flats, however, a more modern approach could be attained with a shorter skirt, more flashy colours and patterns, and the heels.

Our last outfit will focus on a casual look that was a common sight in the 90s.

The loose-fitting denim skirt was preferred for its comfort and fashion. In combination with a pair of sneakers, a light coloured loose (maybe even baggy) t-shirt, and some casual accessories, you have the perfect outfit for a leisure summer evening.

Other items that go well with this outfit are the leather belt, the flip-flops, a striped short-sleeved or sleeveless t-shirt, and a small  handbag.

Vintage skirts in today’s world

You probably noticed some flashy modern combinations among the images shown above. That’s exactly my point. Vintage clothing can be merged into a modern outfit; this where vintage clothing shines the most and where its true potential excels.

This section will focus more on flashy outfits that incorporated some of the vintage skirts from above and produced something modern and staggering.

Vintage Skirts combined with modern apparel

First, we have the leather pencil skirt; very eye-catching and a very popular choice to build a formal outfit around, however, it can be challenging to find the appropriate apparel to complement it since it is used both in business environments and night outs.

For the latter one, the leather pencil goes well with pointed-toe heels or ankle-level boots, also, a V-neck matching colour top does wonders, and maybe a leather jacket to complement it. The skirts’ length is not restricted in this case

On the other hand, the business alternative consists of a more loosely fitted top which usually covers more skin but has a more stylish design. The skirt extends below the knee and you can use ankle boots or flats.

For the pleated skirt, you can go for the full skirt and combine it with some ankle boots and a medium to long sleeve blouse with a turtleneck or a bow neck blouse (See pleated skirt image above).Other combining tops are the noodle strap top, a short sleeve mohair sweater, and the V-neck top.

The alternative is the pleated mini skirt which radiates a more intense sex appeal. The sneakers, heels, and high boots go well with it. For the upper body, we have the winged-neck tops, sleeveless tops, off-shoulder crop tops, and even the knit sweater, all great complements. Remember to match your colours well!.

To finish we have the bubble skirt. It may seem surprising but it also has been reinvented and modernized in the past years. The mini skirt is widespread the most.

Most people think of bubble skirts as casual or semi-formal. Well, the reality is that it can be a formal skirt too, and the outfit I will recommend you is exactly that.

Make sure the colour and pattern of the skirt are nothing too flashy. No fluorescent colours or patterns more complex than dots or lines. Elegant high heels are essential too.

Now the top should be something that exposes your upper chest, shoulders, and your neck. Tube tops, off-shoulder tops, and strapless bustier tops all work really well.

Finally, flashy jewelry does the trick. Collar necklaces or choker necklaces in combination with long/big earrings are the perfect finishing touch.


We hope these examples have sparked some ideas into your head. We tried to cover a wide variety of styles here, so hopefully something resonated with you.

Don’t be afraid to experiment – Find your own style!

To wrap up this post we would like to encourage you to try different clothes, from different eras, and made out of different fabrics and colours. It’s important to know your body well; what works for you and what doesn’t.

Some of the outfits here will look better on skinny girls, others on more athletic girls. Some will look better on tall girls, others on short ones. Some on both :). The point here is to experiment with different clothes and styles so that you develop a unique and diverse apparel that works for you. Eventually, you will know exactly which skirt is better for you on every occasion.

We hope this post was useful for you and we look forward to reading your comments and suggestions down below!

Have a great day!

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