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Outfits With Sexy Tops For Women | Fashion Looks For All

We are back with the tops! Given that our first outfit post couldn’t cover every single top out there, we decided to expand your outfit alternatives around tops with this new article. Here we focus on sexy tops for women with designs never before covered at Vintage Shape.

The primary focus is vintage tops, but we also aim to portrait how these tops look in combination with modern apparel. Expect some up-to-date suggestions too!

With this guide, you will have endless ideas on how to revitalize your wardrobe according to your own preferences.

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Bustier Top – Highlight your bust

Our first top is the bustier top, which you may associate with bustier lingerie. Both have basically the same design; a single piece, sleeveless top that pushes up your breasts and is tight on your midsection.

It is the ideal top if you are looking to make your breasts look bigger while also creating the illusion that your waist is thinner.

Bustier lingerie emerged during the early 20th century. Fast forward a few decades later and it made the transition to outerwear, giving place to endless different outfits centered around them and with fashion elements from different decades.

Our vintage outfit suggestion incorporates elements from the 50s and looks like this…

lady with bustier vintage outfit

Note: For better terminology understanding, we are linking relevant Vintage Shape’s posts, where more detailed explanations of the apparel can be found.

The 50s were characterized by high waisted below-the-knee skirts with wide hems and printed patterns such as polka dots or squared patterns. As long as you contrast the top’s colour, you can go for an A-Line skirt or bell-shaped pleated skirt for a casual look and a pencil skirt for a formal approach.

For skirt terminology, take a look at our skirt outfits posts.

As for the feet, a discrete pair of heels that matches the colour with the top is ideal. Low-heeled pumps, kitten heels, and spool heels are good options.

To know more about heels, we refer you to our guide on heels.

Finally, you can’t have a complete 50s outfit without proper headwear. As you can tell from the picture, a tied headband looks wonderful and adds to the vintage vibe.

If you are interested in other types of headwear, check out our vintage headwear guide.

But what about bustier tops with a slightly more modern design? How do you combine this?

A modern approach to the bustier top would be…

girl with shoulderless top

As you can see, the addition of the shoulder-less sleeves gives it a more fashionable look. Despite looking like a very formal piece, it can be worn casually and in a very simple way. A simple set of tight jeans does the trick, just make sure to match the denim well.

The heels also give a modern twist with the height increase compared to that of the vintage suggestion. Stilletoes, platforms, and ankle straps are all great alternatives.

Something to think about: Although not part of the outfit, notice how handbags (in both cases) play a role in your look too. If you go out with one, make sure it flows well with colours and the era you are going for.

Halter Top – A unique and flashy design

Halter tops are overlooked in our time yet they are immensely diverse. These tops are characterized by tying around the neck and behind it as well as for being sleeveless.

Halter tops were introduced in the 1930s and became widely popular by mid-century, making it an ideal top for a vintage/retro look. Moreover, countless variations have been designed and marketed ever since, so the potential for a modern look is also there.

For our halter top vintage suggestion we have…

woman with vintage halter top

Depending on the way it ties around your neck and how low it extends, you can have a casual or formal halter top. This time we are going for the formal alternative, where the top ties discretely at the back of the neck and falls openly on the front. A plain design adds a little bit to the elegance.

The best way to complement it is with a long pencil skirt whose shape and elegance matches perfectly. Remember that the skirt extends below the knee.

For the feet, the pencil heels or platform pump are the natural options if you don’t mind sacrificing comfort for elegance. Matching colours with the skirt works best here.

Also, try low and more comfortable heels such as the kitten heels or any flats with pointy toes. If you go for this alternative, contrasting colours work better.

Finally, a contrasting belt that matches your heels will accentuate the curvy effect that both the top and the pencil skirt already provide. Pearls are a nice accessory to have for this one!

If you prefer a modern approach, you can go for…

girl with halter top and maxi skirt

Halter tops that tie with exotic designs on the lower neck, back, as well as the front, are examples of more recent halter designs. Cropped halters also are somewhat recent.

The latter one combines amazingly with maxi skirts as you can see the picture provided. This combination fixes really quickly, so it’s ideal when you are in a rush but still want to look casually-feminine and attractive.

It is also a very simple combination since you don’t have to worry about heels or other fancy accessories. The key point here is knowing how to properly combine the colours/patterns.

One Shoulder Top – Daring and hot

Next, we have the one shoulder-off top. As the name suggests, one of the shoulders is covered and the other is exposed. The front generally has an asymmetric design.

These tops gained much popularity at the end of the past century, and our vintage outfit suggestion is a throwback to those times.

Thanks to popstars like Britney Spear, a widely popular 90s look was…

girl with one-off-shoulder top

Pleated mini skirts with a squared pattern were part of the popular schoolgirl outfit. Although this was originally worn with a tie-up top, a nice variation of it uses a one-shoulder top.

You can choose to go for the full look with some knee-high socks that match the skirt and some loafers, or you can simply go for high shoes. Ankle straps or ankle boots go very nice with the outfit.

On the other hand, a modern outfit would be…

girl walking wearing a one-off-shoulder

The same top can look very different depending on what you combine it with. This is seen very clearly with the modern outfit just featured, where (almost) the same top that was presented in the vintage one, is combined with a set of high white trousers and some covered stilettos.

Experiment with modern trousers, leggings, and jeans. You will be surprised by how many different outfits the one-shoulder allows.

Tube top – Flattering on the midsection

Any article that focuses on sexy tops for women has to have a tube top on it. This top is known for how it wraps around the upper torso, leaving the lower part, arms, and shoulders exposed.

It became widely popular from the 70s onwards, thus taking part in the disco trends.

Our vintage outfit is extracted from that 80s trend…

girl with metallic tube top

The key point when going for this outfit is colour. Very bright colours (especially metallic colours) and their combinations are ideal both for the tube top and the trousers. For the latter one, you can go for a standard set of metallic trousers, leggings, or if you want to stand out even more, a set of metallic bell-bottoms.

Another alternative would be metallic mini skirts/shorts with rainbow designs. These are becoming increasingly popular nowadays.

As for the shoes, a set of high heeled platform shoes works for all the pants, high heels for the skirt, or a pair of sneakers for the shorts.

If you prefer a more comfortable and less flashy look, take a look at our modern suggestion…

fitness girl with tube top

With the fitness industry exploding in recent years, looking good even when working out has become an increasing need.

Tube tops are ideal for exercising as they are comfortable and breathable. Moreover, they have an inherent sexy (yet simple) look that is flattering for anyone making gains at the gym 🙂

A combination of leggings or pants with a pair of sneakers will do the trick for any kind of workout.

Cold shoulder top – An unusual top

We finish our list with a top that is very rare in itself but when its combined properly, it can look really nice and unique.

The cold shoulder top was introduced in the 1950s and its characterized by a simple trait; the shoulders are exposed. To distinguish between these and other off shoulders, the cold shoulders have to have (but not restricted to) the deltoids (round part of the shoulder) completely exposed. Other off shoulders have it partially covered or expose more of the neck and upper arms.

With the tops featured hopefully you get a clearer picture of it.

A traditional design and outfit of the cold shoulder top are…

girl with classic cold shoulder top

Vintage cold shoulders tend to have a more rectangular and loose look to them. Still, you can use that to your advantage. An equally rigid (in cuts or maybe pleated) and loose set of trousers combines perfectly and adds a more serious and elegant look, as seen in the picture above.

Stilettos and similar thin-strapped heels go very well with the outfit. Don’t forget to pay attention to the colours. Less vivid colours (pastel for example) are preferred for more conservative looks.

The possibilities are endless for this one as these tops come in lots of lengths, shapes, and forms.

This is clearly seen when we give it a slightly modern fit to the top…

girl with shoulders exposed

As you can see, a change in cuts, fit, and colour completely changes the top’s nature. With a tighter top, you can go for equally tight pants. In this case, thehe colour combinations shift to a modern metallic or darker nature.

You can also play around with modern heels/boots as shown in the picture above, where a set of high gladiator boots are featured. If you go for leather and similar fabrics, leather boots (high and ankle level), Cuban heels, and similar shoes are all great alternatives.

Play around with different colours, fits, and cuts!

That is all for now!

We hope that with the outfits presented here a lot of ideas on how to combine these tops crossed your mind. You will get the most out of this by experimenting with different sets of tops, pants, accessories, etc… See what works best for you and what doesn’t.

If you want to know more about these (or any other tops) feel free to let us know in the comment section below. There are still lots of things to know that we couldn’t cover in this post for length reasons.

Also, remember to check out our reviews as it is our space to cover some of the best options available online to shop.

Thank you for reading, and we hope your outfits turn out great 😀


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