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Reviewing Formal Attire For Men | Top Classic Pieces

Giving oldschool apparel a try can be quite intimidating as a man. A lot of old trends seem so disconnected from modern ones, that we just stick to the common looks that we are used to. Formal apparel provides a natural solution to this, as it is pleasantly viewed in today’s society and it’s not very different from modern pieces. Lower prices and comfort are also traits common in them.

With this in mind, we took to the task of reviewing formal attire for men, hoping to compile and analyze some of the best alternatives available at numerous online shops. You can read our first review here.

You can expect diversity in prices and design, but presented in a clear and precise way. Who knows? Maybe your next favorite suit is waiting for you down below, so without further ado…. let’s go right into our first pick!

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Mens Peaky Blinders Costume Thomas Shelby Suit & Overcoat

gangster suit with coat

Type: Suit and/or Overcoat

Price: $139.00 – Suit Only, $170.00 – Overcoat only, $279.00 – Suit + Overcoat + Hat

Place to buy: Men’s Tuxedo USA

Materials: Wool

Sizes: Sizing is divided in 3 sections – Short (covering heights from 5’4″ to 5’7 1/2″), Regular (covering from 5’8″ to 6’2″), and Long (covering from 6’2 1/2″ to 6’5″) with each having various subdivisions by number. Check out the “Size” display menu on the link provided, and also the full-size guide for a very detailed explanation of how sizing works at MTUSA.

Peaky Blinders is a British drama series set in the 1920s and with an urban youth gang as the central point of the drama. Their portrait of the early XX century urban British fashion is marvelous and this outfit proves it.

We present you with one of the outfits of the main character – Thomas Shelby – portrayed by actor Cillian Murphy.

The outfit perfectly portraits the gangster look of that era, and an overall look in men that is mysterious, elegant, and a unique sight in today’s world.

You can choose between 3 options; the first being the 3 piece suit only (jacket + waistcoat + pants – in either grey or black) all with vintage gangster traits such as the matching colour, the high-waisted trousers, the well-fitted jacket, and the 6 button vest.

The second one is only purchasing a classic long overcoat (like the ones from that era) that matches the suit and is ideal for cold environments. It features classic traits such as the two-button closure, simple notch lapels, and lined interior.

Finally, the third alternative is to go for the full outfit; the suit and the overcoat plus a beret hat for the complete look.

Considering the quality and how well it sticks to the traditional gangster look, the pricing is excellent, not to mention that the huge size availability makes it ideal for all types of bodies.

It is a quick and dazzling outfit to wear at a custom party but also can be worn to an elegant event.

Lovely and sturdy 1936 Dark Blue Suit (Singlestock)

vintage suit

Type: 2 Piece Suit

Price: $367.00

Place to buy: Etsy

Sizes (inches): Jacket (Chest, Arm Length, Shoulder, Length) –  38 x 25 x 16 x 31  Pants (Waist, Inseam, Length) – 26 x 29.5 x 41.5.

We now give you a traditional suit of the 1930s for those of you that are tired of the modern slim-fit suits.

It is a 2-piece pinstriped suit (Jacket and pants) strongly built and with a robust design. A dusky blue is the colour offered.

Just like in those times, the pants run a little large and loose and are meant to be worn high-waisted. On the other hand, the jacket has a 2 button closure and runs a little smaller than the pants. Still, it is meant to be a comfortable non-slip alternative.

As you can see from the pictures, the suit is in excellent condition, so it can be worn as a primary choice for any formal occasion. Considering all suit’s attributes, the price is fair although some may argue it’s a little expensive. If you prioritize comfort over appearance, this suit is definitely for you.

Sadly, this suit is only stocked once, which means that it will probably run out of stock quickly. To compensate for this, we like to direct our audience to stores that have similar apparel in their catalogue.

This is the case of RaysRagtimeHollywood, a store we encourage you to check as their quality is proven and praised, and they have countless different suits with similar traits.

Men’s Sequins Lapel One Button Party Suit Jacket

disco retro blazer

Type: Single Jacket/Party

Price: $44.99

Place to buy: Newchic

Materials: Polyester

Sizes (inches): (Bust, Sleeve Length, Shoulder, Length) – Small: 39.37 x 25.20 x 16.54 x 27.56, Medium: 41.73 x 25.59 x 17.32 x 28.35, Large: 44.09 x 25.98 x 18.11 x 29.13, X-Large: 47.24 x 26.38 x 19.29 x 29.92, XX-Large: 51.18 x 26.77 x 20.47 x 30.71. More details on the size guide provided in the link.

If you are a fan of the disco trend you will love this jacket by Newchic.

It is a long-sleeved jacket made out of a shiny button polyester fabric (6 very vibrant colours are available) featuring a lapel collar and 3 front pockets.

The jacket is ideal for those that are not afraid to be the center of attention at parties. With the good amount of sizes available, almost everyone can fit into it, not to mention its regular fit makes it surprisingly comfortable.

Also, the jacket is resistant and moderately thick although it may require special care. Make sure to ask the seller for adequate washing/caring instructions.

Overall, the quality to price ratio is fairly good, plus you can pay in free-of-interests installments and get a small discount if you are a new buyer at Newchic.

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BABEYOND’s Men’s Vintage Suit Vest

affordable vest

Type: Waistcoat/Formal

Price: $13.99 – $18.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: Polyester & Rayon

Sizes: Sizing goes from XS up to 2XL. A very detailed size chart is provided by babeyond following the amazon link.

Our list could not be complete without a traditional waistcoat. This one is an affordable and simple alternative ideal if you are on a budget or you are not a fashion guru.

The vest is polyester and rayon made, which means is light, easy-to-wear, and comfortable, although not as resistant and durable as a purely polyester piece.

It features a long front V-neck, 5 buttons, the 3 standard front pockets (closed but can be opened easily), and comes 8 in colours with plain and striped prints available. Sizing is not an issue as it covers much of the common spectrum.

What do the customers say? Well, for the most part, the vest is highly praised for its low price and the relatively high quality you get. The main complaint people have is that it runs large, however, it is a very rare problem as most customers say it’s true to size.

If you want a simple and quick solution to a formal outfit, this vest is nothing short of ideal. On the contrary, a higher quality alternative would be better for you if you want a dazzling and more durable piece.

Mens Peaky Blinders Michael Gray Vested Suit

1920s gangster suit

Type: 3 Piece Suit

Price: $125.00

Place to buy: Men’s Tuxedo USA

Sizes: Please check the sizing desciption provided in the first suggestion for details.

If you didn’t like the first peaky blenders custom, we have another one for you with slight variations but nonetheless great quality. This time of the character Michael Gray played by Finn Cole.

It is a 3 piece suit with a matching vest, pants, and jacket. They all come in an elegant black striped fabric. the fit and design are all very close replicas of what you could see during the 1920s but with the high quality of today.

As you can see from the picture, the suit blends really well with today’s modern apparel and the offered price is excellent. You can use it in various environments and look great all the time!

Ace Velvet Blazer

velvet blazer

Type: Blazer

Price: $545.00 (25% discount on checkout)

Place to buy: Reiss

Materials: 98% Cotton 2% Elastane, Trim: 100% Polyester

Sizes: Sizes go from 36 up to 46 – corresponding to S up to 3XL. Details on the measures are provided on the size guide.

Chances are that you like the traditional aura that a tuxedo blazer has but you prefer newer fabrics and modern designs. Reiss is the perfect place for modern premium apparel and this velvet blazer is one of their bests.

It has traditional elements like the contrast between a single-breasted silhouette, the pockets on each side of the hip, and its satin trim. All of these merged with a premium fabric that feels and looks amazing. The jacket is fully lined.

Other features of the blazer include the buttoned cuffs, notch lapels, and a single button for quick fastening. Sadly it is only available in black but it is stocked in most of the common sizes.

Being a premium blazer the prices rises above the average, however, following our link you can get a 25% discount on your checkout, plus the free-shipping offer by Reiss on orders above $350. Take advantage of this offer while it lasts!

We also encourage you to look at the “wear it with” option. The apparel featured there is proven to look great with the piece you are buying – ideal if you don’t know how to combine your clothes.

Mandarin Collar Wine Suit For Menmandarin suit

Type: Mandarin Suit

Price: $125.00

Place to buy: Men’s USA

Sizes: A wide range of sizes are available. Check the drop down menu for the full list.

Our last suggestion is somewhat unexpected… a mandarin suit! During the XX century, these were (and still are) very popular in Asia, and add a completely different look to your elegant look.

The suit is available in a vibrant wine red and features the traditional band collar and button closure. It also comes with 3 pockets (1 in the chest).

The waist is adjustable and measures on the neck and overall fit are considered when purchasing. Check the drop-down menu or ask MUSA for more details on that. It is meant to be a regular or slim fit.

Overall, the quality and durability of the suit are worth the price, plus you won’t have to worry about complex combinations for your next formal event. The Mandarin suit alone speaks for itself!

Formal attire has been evolving just as much as casual!

We hope that with the formal attire presented here you’ve realized the wide range of possibilities available to you with vintage and retro apparel.

It is a common mistake to think about vintage suits in just the traditional look that we are all accustomed to when in reality we have a wide variety of colours, fabrics, and cuts that were introduced many years ago and are still very attractive.

We thank you for reading our review and remember to check out the one we have (for now) on formal shoes. You have a wide list of alternatives to combine, and look your best on any formal occasion!

Have a great day, and of course, comment your thoughts and suggestions down below 😀

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