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List of High Quality Men’s Shoes in Sale | Formal Shoes

We recently talked about men’s formal shoes and we described to you the different types and degrees of formality of these. What is missing then? Information about great options available online. With this review of men’s shoes in sale, we cover a wide range of alternatives, plus numerous sellers, designs, and price ranges are also featured.

If you are open to very different alternatives and/or you don’t know where to start, this review will be of great aid!

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Florsheim Men’s Casablanca Cap Toe Oxford Shoe

black formal shoe

Type: Modern/Oxfords

Price: $59.97 – $129.97

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 100% Leather

Sizes: Starting from 7 going up to 14 with in-between sizes (US Scale). Every size is available in medium width and some of them also in extra wide width. See the link provided for more details.

One of the most popular formal shoes in Amazon, the Florsheim Oxford has it all.

It’s all leather, closed lace, cap toe, and clean design, elevate it to the highest standards of formality; ideal for the most elegant occasions.

The shoe is available in brown and black colours and in more than a dozen different sizes, moreover, some of these come with extra width space.

In terms of design, the outside is polished and it features very clean, subtle, and defined stitched lines. Maintenance is pretty easy as wiping the shoe with a small damp cloth is sufficient; shinning with black polish (neutral in case of the brown shoes) is advisable.

The inside of the shoe is very comfortable; the interior is covered with very soft leather and it is also fully cushioned.

People love its flexibility, lightweight, looks, fit, and the great price they are available in, as similar shoes tend to be much more expensive.

On the other hand, fabrication mistakes (rare, but it may happen) and the shoe running a little bit large. This, however, can be amended as returns are available.

Vintage White Leather Shoes

white formal shoe

Type: Vintage/Oxfords

Price: $73.00

Place to buy: Etsy

Materials: 100% Leather

Sizes: 8 (US) – around 10.5″ long and 3.3″ tall. For the equivalent scale in other countries, please see the product description.

A one-of-a-kind leather shoe, this pair of Bulgarian vintage white leather oxfords are a true gem dating back to the 1980s.

The shoes are all-leather, stitched discretely on the sides but with a clean toe and back. As for the interior, it features soft and comfortable leather. Overall, the shoes are light and thin.

The downsides? Well, unfortunately, it is a one size fits all pair of shoes, and as with every truly vintage product, slight imperfections such as minor wear or delicate structure are unavoidable. Still, these are truly unique shoes that both standout and look great.

On a side note, if you like vintage wear and antiques in general, be sure to check out the store selling the shoes “The OldTimeTreasure”, as their name states, they have a huge variety of vintage products, from kitchenware and furniture all the way to clothing, they have it all.

They have a nice selection of vintage shoes, so definitely check them out.

SPK03 Men’s Vintage Velvet Dress Loafers

quality velvet loafersType: Retro/Loafer

Price: $19.12 – $34.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: Man-made synthetics

Sizes: From 6.5 up to 13 on the US scale. In-between sizes are available up to 11. For all sizes, only medium width is available.

The SKP03 loafers are at the top of the list when it comes to the quality/price ratio. At under $35 you get a very elegant, clean, and comfortable loafer that can be used both casually and at formal events. Great alternatives to match your tuxedo.

The loafers have slightly different designs; some of them are plain, others have a knot or a band on the throat, and you have two unique designs that you wouldn’t want to miss. A great variety of colours are available with more coming in the near future.

With a slight heel, it’s easy to put on style, and its soft fabric, even long days of usage will feel surprisingly pleasant.

The price, looks, lightweight, and interior fabric are highly praised by the buyers. Some also mention how easy its for them is to clean the loafers.

On the other hand, the main critique is regarding the size. Being a loafer, you want the shoe to fit as perfectly as you can, however, it may run a little (no more than an in-between mark) and there are no wide width models available. With returns available you can easily fix this problem.

If you get the right fit you will not want to take these loafers off!

Rivingston’s High Shine Leather Monk Strap Shoes

brown monk strap shoes

Type: Classic/Double-Strap Monk

Price: $425.00

Place to buy: Reiss

Materials: 100% Calf Leather

Sizes: From 8 up to 13 (US Scale). NO in-between sizes. It has a narrow fit and NO extra width available.

You know we had to include some premium shoes and what better place to get them than Reiss.

With these classic double strap monk shoes, you combine the vintage look of the double-strap monks along with the top quality high-shine leather. Elegance, durability, and comfort… the Revingston’s have it all.

The monks feature an almond toe, a pair of silver-tone buckles, a cap toe, and a small stacked heel. Moreover, the shoes are carefully and firmly stitched, with the lines being very discrete. The leather is extremely nice as it is resistant, elegant, and feels great.

Constant care (cleaning – not washing! – and polishing) of the shoes is advisable, as this greatly reduces wear and extends their lifetime.

Unfortunately, the size and width range is limited, but if you can get over that barrier, the monks are available in brown or black colours; perfect for any formal occasion!

On a positive note, being a high priced item, delivery is free and you also get free returns on the first 28 days.

The high price is understandable as it is one of the best pair of monk shoes available online

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DREAM PAIRS Men’s Formal Oxford Wingtip Shoe

light brown wingtips

Type: Retro/Wingtip

Price: $29.99 – $38.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 100% Synthetic Leather

Sizes: From 6.5 up to 15 on US Scale. Extra-wide and in-between sizes are available.

Wingtips (Fully brogued shoes) are either loved or hated by lots of people, so you know we had to include at least one in our list.

Available at a bargain price, the Dream Pairs wingtips feature a faux leather lining design, latex cushioned footbed, a small wooden heel, and a wood sole.

The shoes are very resistant and very durable for their price. For the most part, they are true to fit, so no surprises when it comes to sizing (Note that the size availability is huge, so more to that). Well fitted, the shoes are very comfortable and can be worn for entire days without issues. They are slightly flexible.

A common opinion among buyers; the shoe looks better in person than on a screen, something that does not hold true for all shoes.

On the other hand, some people complain about the smell of the shoes being very unpleasant and permanent. Opinions are divided on this, as some people say it is not true, others say that it is but the smell eventually fades. Keep this in mind before purchasing.

Finally, if you are not into the broguing, Dream Pairs presents you with some of their other shoes, which are also widely popular and come in a variety of colours.

Bay’s Leather Whole Cut Shoes

premium wholecut shoes

Type: Wholecut

Price: $370.00

Place to buy: Reiss

Materials: 100% Calf Leather

Sizes: Starting in 8 and up to 12 on US Scale. NO in-betweens and NO wide sizing.

Another great premium shoe, this time we have a whole cut.

Whole cuts are known for their clean design and the Bay’s whole cuts are no exception. Made out of a single piece of premium leather, you will find zero imperfections on it (aside from the discrete stitching on the side of course).

The shoes are available in dark brown and black, ideal for businesswear and other formal events, and come in 5 sizes. Sadly no in-betweens or extra-wide versions are available, so proper fitting may be an issue in a few cases.

As for the extra features, the shoes come with cotton wax finish laces that are very discrete and elegant, a small heel, almond toe, and a combination of calf leather and calf suede lining to make it extra comfortable inside.

Again, being a premium item, these whole cuts qualify for Reiss’s free delivery policy.

Overall, it is a great pair of shoes, which given the proper care, can endure and stand out on countless formal occasions.

Ecco Men’s Holton Apron Toe Derby

classic black derby shoes

Type: Classic/Derby

Price: $109.98 – $193.75

Place to BuyAmazon

Materials: 100% Leather

Sizes: Starting from 4 up to 14.5 in the US Scale. Only in-betweens are available.

We couldn’t end our list without including at least one derby shoe, and it gets even better, as we present you with one whose design is as reminiscent of the vintage Derbys you saw over the past century.

The Ecco Holton apron toes come in 3 colours; black, cognac, cocoa brown, and in a wide variety of sizes which assure proper fitting don’t matter the type of feet you have.

It features an open lace-up closure and a removable leather-covered inlay sole. On the inside, a special leather lining allows for breathability and comfort.

Ecco is known for its premium quality shoes (hence the price) and people seem to love all their shoes. This model is praised for its immense comfort (ideal if you walk a lot), its durability, and its traditional yet elegant design.

The buyers’ main complaint, however, is that quality dropped after shifting manufacturing countries, but this only seems to have affected a small portion of them.

Either way, Eccos shoes (all of them) are a pretty safe bet when shopping for formal shoes. Their quality has been proven over the years, and this derby pair is no exception. It is a great shoe with a great classic design!

The occassion dictates the shoe

As we stated in our formal shoe guide, different styles of shoes account for different degrees of formality, and thus, different occasions. One of our goals with this review was to provide you with a list of shoes that will cover the whole spectrum.

Every shoe listed here varies in design, price, degree of elegance, colour, etc… Having gone through the full review, you now have a very diverse set of shoes to choose from, so the next time a special event comes around you know where to look.

We hope this review was helpful for you and don’t forget to check out other reviews at Vintage Shape. We are now gradually covering more and more apparel, so be on the look for new reviews coming soon.

Until next time, and don’t forget to leave your comments/suggestions down below!

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