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Having previously talked about fasion tips for women, the time has come to shift focus to men and talk about men’s clothing styles, in other words, what rules to follow if you want to look great everytime.

These rules are general tips that every man, from all ages and backgrounds, should follow. Other specific aspects that also factor in your look, such as body type, clothing patterns or materials, are discussed separately.

Still, what we cover now is useful for both casual and formal looks and for trends of every decade. An overall quick and easy guide ideal for every guy!

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The most important rule

No matter who you are, the most important rule that every man should follow is to wear the clothes you want. This may seem silly, but you would be surprised to know how many people just follow trends and not themselves.


Now, you may be asking yourself, why would you require tips if, in the end, you are going to just wear what you want? Well, these rules aim to help you find the best version of your own style, not replace it. There are always things we can do to look better.

Keep that in mind and ALWAYS be proud of what you wear!

Fit is key

Our first recommendation is to identify the fit that you wish to have in a clothing piece and the one that looks best on you. Ideally, you want to go for apparel that combines these two things.

For the former, consider that the following factors play a huge role in your decision

  • Comfort: The last thing you want, is to buy apparel not fitted for you in which you feel restrained or unpleasant. Having said this, keep in mind that the most comfortable clothes out there (for example sweatpants and loosely fitted pieces) are generally not designed for aesthetic purposes, so you may have to sacrifice a little bit of comfort for the looks.
  • Material/Fabric: We know that guys rarely care about clothing materials, but try knowing at least what’s relevant to fit. Know which materials are delicate or shrink after washing, and which ones are more resistant/durable, comfortable, and rigid than others. You can start by reading our materials guide.

Next, you should see if your body allows for it.

We go into detail on this on another guide, but as a brief summary, note that clothing should highlight your strong points and hide your weaknesses. This goes for every single body part, so as an example, a short guy with skinny arms and big legs will benefit from slim pants, and an equal or slightly looser on the upper body (a tight jacket will look great on top of it).

One last thing: If you are a teenager or a gym rat in the making avoid growing into clothes. It rarely works the way you expect and at the rate that you want. Instead, go for clothes that already fit you well, but that have a little more room left and that you would be comfortable wearing more tightly.

Pay attention to the cuts

Also very important (and highly overlooked) are clothing cuts. If you pay close attention, a small difference in the way a piece is cut makes huge differences.

Very important to watch out as a guy are the sleeves. In short sleeves, depending on the cut you can have your triceps covered or exposed. This makes a huge difference in how big the arm looks, so it is no surprise that buff guys usually wear clothes that expose this body part.

For medium-length sleeves, we have a similar situation, with the only difference being that the forearm is the one exposed in this case.

Also, pay attention to the neck’s cut; you can attract (or divert) the public’s attention to your chest wearing a shirt that exposes (conceals) it.

Equally important are the role that cuts also play in pants. The way the rise and bartacks section is cut, affect how much space you have in-between your legs. You should aim to balance this out, as more space feels better but looks worse and vice versa.

Other cuts that don’t play such an important role (neither in look or comfort) but you still may come across them, are those at end of a shirt, and in the hem of the pants. Apparel that has these gives your outfit a modern and uncommon twist.

Let us know in the comment section below if you want a guide solely dedicated to clothing cuts.

Black & White are great… but so are other colours

Combining colours as a man is a different challenge than the one women have. Light, bright, and extravagant colours are widely accepted in women but not as much in men.

This is no surprise as men tend to prefer darker and simpler colours like black, gray, or brown, due to these portraying a more masculine look and being easier to combine.

In the beginning, is best if you stick to these colours, but as you progress we suggest you expand more and more your colour selection. Start by adopting darker tonalities of all colours and mix them according to known combinations, then progress to more complex tonalities.

Be sure to check out our women’s guide; there, we gave a quick explanation of colour theory that will be incredibly beneficial for you no matter what your preferences are.

Another very important thing to note is that we all have a set of colours that go great with us. Sadly, there is no scientific formula to know exactly which ones work for you as there are too many factors that play a role in this.


We suggest you ask people close to you for their take on the colours that look the best on you, then compare it to your own opinion, and pick the set of colours that you will embrace and the ones you will avoid.

Combine in numerous ways your preferred colours and look great every time!

Watches are the ultimate male accessory

Accessories provide a unique look to your style and instantly catch people’s attention, both for good and bad reasons. We believe men should try every different type of accessories (necklaces, rings, caps, etc…) at least once in their life to see what works for them and what doesn’t

One of them, however, brings so much to your look that we believe you must have a set of them, one for every occasion, and wear them constantly; Wristwatches!

Men that wear wristwatches are seen as higher status, more mature, and exert an aura of confidence. Of course, to achieve this and not the complete opposite effect, you must match the formality and colour of the watch to that of the outfit.

That means, Rolex ONLY for the most formal occasions, dress watches can be worn on all kinds of formal occasions but not for casual wearing, and common models such as divers, aviators, and field watches are ideal for casual and slightly formal environments.

Also, pay attention to the watch’s strap material as these largely determine formality; contrary to belief, watches with metal bands are less formal than those with leather straps. Worn-out materials are also less formal.

You should aim to match the watch’s material to other parts of the outfit like rings, shoes, or buckles.

As for colours, keep in mind that the darker the leather is the more formal it is. Don’t forget that experimenting with new colours that you may want to wear in the future, can be done smoothly through accessories.

Be sure to take a look at both of our watch articles, to know more about vintage and retro watches from a wide variety of famous brands and for every occasion!

Layers play an important role for men

Let’s be honest here; most men are careless with their looks, especially compared to women. We usually just throw a pair of jeans and a T-shirt and we are good to go, and even on special occasions, we tend to rush on just go for a last-minute outfit.

This is not ideal, but if you find yourself in that situation there is a great solution for it. This works for the upper body, so make sure that your pants and footwear look (at least) decent.

Having said this, what you want is to add an extra layer on top of the one you plan to wear. In casual environments, it could be a jacket that you know you look great on, while for formal environments it could be a sweater that fits you gracefully, and where the neck and (maybe) the cuffs are the only visible part of the underneath layer.

Our suggestion is to have at least one or two of these overlayer “wildcards” that match, both in terms of fit and colour, to most of your wardrobe. This will get you out of a lot of complicated situations!

But there is a catch to this; no matter how good you look with your wildcard, don’t forget that you should wear it occasionally. People are not stupid and they will start to notice that you wear the same stuff every single time. The last thing you want is to be “the guy of the leather jacket” or something like that.

Building confidence is key!

As start to dig deeper into men’s fashion, you will start to realize that there is advice for almost anything that you can imagine. From buttons to belts, to pockets or necks, there is just no end to it.

Very few guys are willing to study all the secrets of men’s fashion, this is why we only focused on some of the most important and general tips you can get. Even the guy who’s in a rush and doesn’t care about fashion theory will benefit greatly from this.


Having said this, the last piece of advice that we have for you is to have confidence on your present and future looks. Any outfit worn with confidence will have a huge impact on people around you, and if you are trying something different for the first time, wear it proudly as it will help you get more comfortable with new clothes and open yourself to more possibilities.

That is all for now gentlemen! We hope you have a great day and we invite you to read our clothing reviews and outfit suggestion for men. Men can get A LOT from vintage/retro clothing so definitely don’t miss those!

We will talk to you in the comment section below! Cheers!

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