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Men’s Clothes Online | Classic Denim Attire

We have another review for you! This time we are covering a wide range of men’s clothes online; pants, shorts, and jackets are all featured here. But what do they have in common?… Denim!

Every man has at least one denim piece in his wardrobe mainly because it is a great quick-to-go alternative for any casual occasion. Moreover, vintage denim is especially appealing thanks to its durability and classic look, which is exactly why we now bring you a list of quality pieces like this.

In case you want to know more about the historical background of denim pieces, we refer you to our denim in men guide.

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Levi’s 501 Denim Blue Jeans

Type: Vintage/Jeans

Price: $41.00

Place to buy: Etsy

Sizes (Waist/Inseam)29/30, 32/30, 32/34, 34/34, 38/34, 34/30, 44/34

Going through vintage jeans, we obviously had to include the Levi’s 501. They have been around for nearly 150 years( with some changes over time) but even to this day the traditional regular fit, the standard denim, and the indisputable quality remain.

BrickVintage offers authentic 501’s with all the trademarks to back it up. These are all vintage jeans (previously worn) so minor signs of wear are present, however, the jeans have cared as to offer them at the highest quality possible. Given the quality of the 501’s, these still have numerous years of wearing ahead of them.

One thing to note: All the 501’s offered are from different times (all over 20 years old), which means that despite all being very similar to each other, there is never two of the same, so all the pictures shown are an approximation of what you will get. If you are looking to buy a set of quality jeans with all being slightly different one from the other, this is a great offer.

The store also has a return/refund policy which you can read at the bottom of the page. Contact the store if you have any questions regarding the jeans or any other steps of the purchasing process.

The vast majority of customers are happy with their purchase, praising its comfort, fit, and quality. Highly recommended!

– SPECIAL OFFER – Asil Distressed Slim Fit Jeans

Type: Modern/Slim-fit

Price:$220 (ON OFFER FOR $109)

Place to buy: Reiss

Sizes: 28 through 36 in UK Scale (XS through XL sizing). For more details please refer to the size chart provided

On special occasions, we like to promote modern apparel on Vintage Shape. With jeans considered a somewhat monotonous sight, this is the perfect time to do so. That is why we present you with a premium set of jeans with an amazing 50% discount courtesy of Reiss.

These slim-fit jeans are made of a combination of cotton, lyocell, and elastane that provides a softer and thinner compared to that 100% cotton denim. The fabric is also lighter and more stretchable and breathable.

We also have that the jeans are specially dyed with a blue tonality, that combined with the concealed seams, allows for a very clean look. The jeans shine even in combination with simple apparel such as T-shirts and sneakers.

Other traits include a five-pocket design, zip and button fastening, and machine-friendly wash.

Make sure to grab a pair on offer before they run out!


Vintage Denim Jacket Men Blue (Singlestock)

Type: Vintage/80s Jacket

Price: €35 (around $41.87)

Place to buy: HotMilk

Size: S – For detailed measures please message the store

The 80s were a great time for denim jackets and this one by HotMilk is no exception.

With an indigo blue dyeing and a slightly baggy fit, the jacket features two big chest pockets, six front buttons, and a few more on the wrists and on the low back. It also comes with a collar and a back belt.

You can see the seams outlining each section of the jacket giving it a very classic look and all of them in great condition. The jacket still has years of usage ahead of it, and thanks to its neutral denim colour, it combines with almost any type of men’s casual apparel.

Oh! and by the way, in case you are a lady reading this post, the jacket is unisex, so it can totally match your style if you are into this types of jackets.

As with other pieces from HotMilk, the piece is 100% original (from the 80s) and has been restored, so the jacket comes in really good condition. Sadly, being a unique item, it is only stocked once, so take action if you want to get as it will most likely sell quickly.

Still, we got some good news. HotMilk’s catalogue has similar vintage denim jackets and on various tonalities, so check out the suggested products at the bottom part to have a look at them.

Wrangler Men’s Rugged Wear Unlined Denim Jacket

Type: Retro/Rugged

Price: $36.98 – $65.00

Place to buy: Amazon

Sizes: 16 different sizes available, starting with Small and ending with 6X-Large. Unfortunately, no size chart is provided, however, there is a Q&A section with 300+ customer experiences detailing the size that best fitted their bodies. Also, you have free returns, so a little trial and error is welcome.

We now give you one of the best-rated jackets on Amazon and with over 5000 ratings… Wrangler’s Denim Jacket!

The jacket is available in 4 colours (Vintage Indigo, Antique Indigo, Black, and Charcoal) and in 16 (yes,16!) different sizes, hence the big price range.

Its rugged and reinforced design makes it a real durable jacket, ideal if you are heavily involved in manual work and/or want to portrait a more masculine look. But not only that, thanks to the classic denim look, it combines perfectly with almost every masculine-looking casual piece.

The jacket features two pockets on the chest, sides, and inside, plus button closures on them and the front. It is unlined so it can be worn in decently cold and even in moderately hot environments, also, comfort is not sacrificed in the process of enhancing the durability as it 100% made with soft cotton. It is easy to wear and decently heavy.

As stated above, the vast majority of customers are fascinated with the jacket, however, a few people occasionally complain about two things; the fit/sizing of the jacket being larger than thought, and the jacket has an unpleasant smell that it is hard to remove. Although these are rare cases, it’s better to be wary of this.

Still, a jacket like this easily passes the $100 mark on popular stores, so from everywhere you see it it’s a deal you can’t miss!


90s Light Wash Denim Shorts (Singlestock)

Type: Vintage/ Long Shorts

Price: $55.00

Place to buy: Etsy 

Sizes (Waist, Length): Medium – 16 x 19.5 inches.

Denim shorts were huge during the 90s, so it fair to have a little throwback with these light wash denim shorts by HIS.

Just like back then, the shorts feature thick denim with a light vintage indigo blue dyeing, 5 pockets, a button, and a zipper. Wearing them high-waisted and rolled up adds up to the classic look.

It is one of the most masculine-looking sets of vintage shorts you will find, as shorts from previous decades tend to be thinner, shorter, and come in a bunch of extravagant colours.

Wearing the high socks and converse (like in the picture) adds even more to the vintage look, but just a pair of sneakers is sufficient to enjoy a hot summer day outside.

Overall the quality of the shorts is great, and thanks to its thick denim, it will surely become one of the most durable pieces in your wardrobe. The price is decent but the piece is only stocked once… be sure to catch it up before someone else does!

Wrangler’s Riggs Workwear Carpenter Short

Type: Retro/Long Shorts

Price: $27.96 – $82.60

Place to buy: Amazon

Sizes: Huge size selection starting from 30 all the way up to 60.

Another great product by Wrangler Riggs, this time in the form of long cargo denim shorts ideal for hands-on working people or if you just want to enjoy a sunny day out.

They come in classic blue indigo (although you have other options available) and come in a heavy-rugged, extremely durable, and practical form so that you have great protection and freedom of movement.

The shorts also have a series of small and wide pockets spread all around them for great storage capacity.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback, most people’s complaints are about the shorts being too baggy or long, but in the end, it is a matter of taste, and of course ordering the right size.

If you are a guy that looks for practicality rather than looks, these are the perfect shorts for you.

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Denim mathces with (almost) everything!

All of us guys tend to be more straight-forward in our clothing picks; practicality, easyness to wear, and cohersion with other pieces is mostly what we are looking for. Denim is all of these.

For this reasons, and for its timeless look, denim is (and probably will be forever) an essential part of every man’s wardrobe.

We hope that this review was a quick useful introduction to the world of possibilities that online shopping opens for you. We will cover more denim apparel in the future, in the meantime, take a look at our denim outfit suggestions and stay tuned for more reviews on men’s apparel coming soon.

Have a great day everyone, and don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section down below!

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