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Men With Denim Outfits | Surprising Outfit Ideas

We have recently covered denim apparel in our guides as well as in our reviews. Seeing that we are on a roll, why not bring you some examples of men with denim outfits to refresh your ideas for new looks?

With denim being the wildcard fabric by excellence, we know (almost) everything looks good with it. To make it more interesting, we will try to focus on looks that are not very common nowadays. This could be done through unusual pieces, cuts, or combinations, but overall keeping the appeal for the general public.

Finally, outfits from all the different eras are featured here, so no matter what your preferences are, you will surely find at least one that goes perfectly with you!

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Outfit #1 – Simple yet uncommon

Jeans are a staple in today’s society so we sometimes overlook them. As guys, we tend to go for the easy and usual combinations; a T-shirt, maybe a jacket, and a pair of sneakers. With a slight twist, you can look break this mold and revitalize your look. This outfit perfectly exemplifies this


First, you can start by rolling up your jeans to give them an older look. This works very well if you wear baggy jeans and/or complement your look with vintage apparel. The 50s bad boy and the 90s hip-hop trends prove that rolling up your jeans is not as unpopular as the younger generations think.

As for the top, people don’t usually combine jeans with turtlenecks. These are seen as more formal pieces but still, go well in casual environments. Wearing turtleneck shirts or sweaters (the latter is better for cold environments) as opposed to the standard shirt will dramatically change your look. High neck and low neck both look great.

Finally, you can wear classic white sneakers, velcro sneakers, or standard converse. If you are wearing slim-fit jeans or similar, you can also throw in the mix a pair of boots.

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Poriff’s Men’s Knitted Turtleneck


Stetson Leg Straight Jeans


Classic White Sneakers

*Note that for all outfits, colours and brands of our suggestions may vary slightly from those pictured.

Outfit #2 – All denim fun

Wearing all denim was a common thing among boomers and generations before them, however, modern generations it due to its monotonous look.

Still, if you look past that, you will realize that it’s not that bad, plus it’s very comfortable and super easy to arrange.

A more traditional look usually involves, high-waisted and non-slim jeans (not essential, as I’m sure there is barely anyone alive that wears them like this) combined with a dress shirt that stands out. Semi-formal shoes like the Derbys are ideal here, plus this allows for a matching belt.

Throwing a hat in there won’t be a bad idea. Overall, It is a super simple and easy alternative!

If you would like to spice things up, you can mix denim of different tonalities, and/or scratched jeans with tighter adjustment, and the jacket with sleeves rolled up. This will surely appeal more to the younger audience, plus it opens up new possibilities.

For example, instead of a denim jacket, you can try to go for a denim dress shirt, which is gaining traction in the men’s fashion sphere.

You can roll the sleeves from the shirt, which allows for wrist accessories to stand out. Also, moccasins look very appealing (especially with shorts or ankle-level jeans, and of course, no socks) as well as the boots.

A trick that always works with denim, and especially with all-denim outfits, is brown shoes and/or accessories combined with lighter denim. On the other hand, white, gray, or black, look very attractive with darker denim.

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Wrangler’s Retro Two-Pocket Denim Shirt


Gingtto Men’s Skinny Jeans


Dark Sangria Sneakers

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Outfit #3 – Formal denim-wear?

Every time we think about denim, casual outfits always come to our mind. But the question arises… can denim actually be worn formally?

The answer is yes and no.

If you compare it to a tuxedo, o you want to wear jeans to a fancy dinner, then it’s definitely not formal wear. Still, you can combine denim with formal clothes to get a semi-formal result, which you can wear to some parties and other events.

You can start by picking a 3 piece suit (those comprising jacket, vest, and pants) and switching the vest and the pants for less formal pieces.

The first alternative would be to wear some jeans combined with a sport coat on top of the vest, the dress shirt, and the tie. As you can see there are a lot of layers involved, so be sure to match the colours correctly.

Alternatively, you can go for a denim jacket instead of the sport coat, and wear (slim-fit) chinos for the lower body. As shown in the picture above, rolling up the sleeves further reduces formality but adds room for accessories.

Note that in both cases the shoes remain (at least) at derby-level in terms of formality, and of course, a belt has to be worn.

Note: Keep in mind that the darker the denim is, the more formal it is.

This combination is such a rare sight that people will instantly notice it. Don’t be surprised if people praise your out-of-the-box thinking when combining denim attire.

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J Crew Men’s Classic Denim Jacket


Bagley Modern Fit Waistcoat in Indigo


Textured Silk Tie in Burgundy

Dress Shirt:

Slim Fit Shirt in Soft Blue


Black Slim Fit Jeans


Stepney Leather High Shine Brogues

Outfit #4 – A risky alternative

The next one is nothing short of controversial. Either you will be amazed by it  or you will absolutely hate it.

Taking outfit #3 as a starting point (the one with the denim jacket) you can choose no to wear the vest, and have a standard dress shirt-tie-jacket combination.

The chino trousers remain but the key point comes in the feet. In semi-formal outfits, moccasins contribute greatly to the flow by wearing them in the traditional way, that is, without socks. This looks very attractive and we recommend you try it out.

However, if you want to shake the foundation of fashion, try wearing socks with them.


The socks appeal to the formal side of your outfit (tie, dress shirt, chinos) and won’t look out of place. Plus, if you can match the colours with the dress shirt or tie, people will respond positively to that.

Still, people will always have mixed views about wearing moccasins with socks, so keep in mind that.

What to expect is shown in the following image (notice that the tie is gone and the outfits still work).

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Lee’s Denim Jacket


Textured Silk Tie in Silver

Dress Shirt:

Alby Regular Fit Western Overshirt


Eastbury Reg Regular Fit Chinos


Glove Suede Penny Loafers

Outfit #5 – Denim with Hoodies

Your days of wearing basic hoodie outfits are gone! If you want to experience all the comfort and warmness of a hoodie, but don’t want to come out as lazy or untidy, throw a denim jacket on top of the hoodie and see the big difference it makes.

–Vintage fans: Try the 80s and 90s variation of this outfit with hoodies from that era

The rest of the outfit is up to you. You can try almost every common casual combination with it and it won’t look bad. Even jeans work for an all-denim outfit.

When trying this combination, keep in mind two things: The first one is that It gets really hot underneath all that clothing layering. Try it out only in cold environments, or for moderate weather, you can wear a thinner hoodie or sweater instead.

The second one is just a reminder that the hoodie will add up some extra size to your frame. Avoid wearing tight jackets with the hoodie, since even if it manages to fit, you will end up feeling extremely restricted and uncomfortable in it.

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LifeHe Men’s Ripped Denim Jacket


Black Hoodie


Amazon Essentials Men’s Jeans


Classic Navy Colour Sneakers

Outfit #6 – Mashing up everything

Throughout the article, we’ve given you various advice on apparel and combinations that make denim shine. Our last suggestion has a little bit of everything.

As you can see, the combination dress shirt-vest-denim jacket shines along with the rolled-up jeans, which also have a different blue tonality.

A tie-less and non-formal vest alternative, in combination with boots, makes up for a fully casual look. Also, note how the colour of the boots matches that of the dress shirt, and how these contrast with the denim (brown & blue contrast mentioned above)

It is a very complete look and not that difficult to arrange. Most guys never wear anything like this 🙂

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JYG Men’s Denim Jacket


Betonsa Unisex Knitted V-neck Vest

Dress Shirt:

Tinkwell Men’s Plaid Shirts


Samsun Slim Fit Jeans in Blue


Tenor Dark Brown Boots

Denim will not be boring ever again!

We are so used to seeing denim apparel that we think we know everything about it. Reality proves us wrong as usually we only see guys wearing the standard jeans with T-shirt combinations.

With these few suggestions, we hope to put an end to that. No matter what types of trends or from what eras you prefer your clothes, denim will never be monotonous and boring again!

Thanks a lot for reading, and if you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas you want to share, please do so in the section down below.

Stay tuned for more content for men!


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