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Every clothing site, and especially Vintage Shape, is looking to provide its readers with the best information/guidance on how to look their best. Trends come and go over time, however, the essential fashion tips remain the same. For all you girls, this is one of the most important posts you will find at Vintage Shape, and we encourage you to read it carefully, as we will provide you with the latest fashion advice.

In case you are a man reading this, don’t worry, some of the rules can be applied to men too and we will do a similar guide for men soon.

With this guide, you will know how to extract the most out of your clothing combinations. Both vintage trends and modern ones benefit from these non-written rules, and you can apply them whenever you are selecting your outfit or shopping for your wardrobe.

Without getting into very complicated stuff, your fashion sense will skyrocket after this!

General rules

Our basic rules of fashion satisfy only two conditions; They are universal, that is, it applies to all women from all ages and background, and they are timeless, meaning that even if trends come and go over the years, learning them will help you for the rest of your life.

Rule #1 – Know your clothes: A very simple rule yet many people are unaware of it. Just think about it; when you are purchasing clothes do you know how it best fits? was it made to run large or maybe a little bit tight? do you know the fabrics with which it was made? do these will stretch over time, or maybe decolour after continuous washing? Can it be worn in different ways or with different types of underwear or complementary apparel?

These are some of the questions you would think would pass through a lot of people’s minds, but it’s actually the opposite. Most people just buy by first impressions and go over important details like this.

You don’t have to be a fashion expert for this just pay attention to the basic details of the piece. If you are buying in person, try it out there and ask the people working at the store questions like the ones above.

On the other hand, if you buy only, pay attention to the specifications of the piece and send a message to the store in case you have any doubts. Most of them will answer your questions quickly.

Check out our materials guide to know more about the different types of clothing materials.

Rule #2 – Know your body: Equally important to know the piece is to know your body. Maybe you have long and/or thin arms. Maybe shoulders are narrow and hips are wide. Maybe your legs are thicker than average.

Whatever the case may be, what you want is to accentuate your best traits and conceal your weaknesses. Some pieces will naturally adjust ideally to you and will look great, while others will look good on the mannequin but awful on you. The best you can do is to tell the difference properly.

Moreover, knowing your body dimensions is essential for online purchasing, as it’s your only guide for proper fitting. Some stores will allow for specific adjustments according to your body type, so pay attention to that.

Stay tuned for our body types guide to know how to dress according to your body type.

Rule #3 – Pay attention to underwear: This is especially important for women. The last thing you want to happen is your underwear sticking out. Knicker lines, double boobs, or skirt accidents are to be avoided at all costs, so be sure to know which types of underwear best suit each type of outerwear.

Also, be open to spending a little bit more on quality underwear. Not only you will feel more comfortable and pretty, but also because higher-quality underwear tends to conceal easier.

Take your time choosing your underwear!

Rule #4 – Accessories – Worst enemy or best friend: Accessories play a huge role in your outfit and are commonly overlooked. The right accessory can make you look a dozen times better, while the wrong one could spoil the entire outfit.

Watches, necklaces, wristbands, headwear, handbags among others, can all play in your favour. It is essential that you match the formality, colours, and shapes of these with the rest of the clothing.

Pay attention to the details as you don’t want to end up wearing a luxury Cartier watch with a pair of leggings and a crop top.

In our accessories section, you can learn more about the different accessories available for women.

Rule #5 – Be smart with your money: As you are probably aware, prices in the clothing industry vary A LOT. Very similar pieces of clothing sometimes have very different purchasing prices, and it is up to you to know when you are presented with a great deal.

This does not necessarily mean the cheapest option, but the one that has the highest quality/price ratio. Be open to occasionally spend a little more on a piece that is really worth it.

Rule #6 – Take care of your clothes: Even if you didn’t spend a fortune on a piece, don’t treat it poorly. Follow its caring instructions and don’t do things that will end up ripping them or otherwise. Remember, the more you take care of it, the longer it will last and the less it will wear off.

Rule #7 – Shop for you, not for trends: Last but not least, remember to develop your own style. No trend was made for everybody. The people that look best are the ones that know how to best combine the different elements of different trends.

Experiment a little bit stick to what best looks on you!

Following these general rules will get you very far in your journey to look your best. But what about colours? Knowing a little bit of colour theory is essential too.

Basic Colour Mixture

Colours can be divided into primary, secondary, and tertiary. The 3 basic (primary) colours are red, yellow, and blue, while the secondary colours are combinations of these. Thirdiary colours, on the other hand, are combinations of primary and secondary colours.

These are clearly seen in a colour wheel like the one presented now

Click here for an even more detailed colour wheel.

So what does the basic colour theory tell us? Well, you can also extract some basic rules here to mix your colours in the best possible way.

Rule #1 – Contrast = harmony: In colour theory, colours that are opposites (opposing sides on the colour wheel) or complementaries (next to each other on the colour wheel) tend to be visually pleasing when combined. You can say there is a certain “harmony” on this, however, this is not a universal rule as what is pleasing for one person might not be for another one.

A good example of contrast is the black-white combination.

Rule #2 – Tonality is important: We all know that each colour has a wide variety of tonalities associated with it. In general, but again, not always, colours with the same intensity tend to blend better than those with very different tonalities. for example, a blue-red pastel colour combination is generally more attractive than if either of those was very intense.

As you get better at combining tonalities, you will start to see which tonality mixtures add cool effects to the combination.

Remember that every colour affects the others when combined.

Rule #3 – Accessories are your friends: Since accessories tend to be really small they contribute very slightly to the colour harmony of the outfit. For this reason, you can get away with some unmatching colours (unless the accessory plays a very important role in the outfit) and you can use these to experiment a little bit with colour combinations.

Rule #4 – Neutral colours are wildcards: Colours like black, white, and brown not only tend to pair well between each other, but they can also serve as a foundation for other vivid colours. Start by combining these colours and then move on to combinations with the rest of the colours.

Note that the light blue, and denim in particular, is also a neutral colour. Casual combinations around denim are a great way to start getting used to colour tonalities.

Rule #5 – Follow known combinations: Let’s be honest here, it’s pointless to reinvent the wheel, so while you aim to develop the combinations that you like the most, it is very useful to start with combinations that are known to be popular.

See for yourself what works and what doesn’t and adjust according to your own preferences

This article will help you sort out some popular colour combinations.

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A sneak peak of pattern combinations

As you get better with colours the next step would be to properly combine printed clothing. This can get quite tricky and we will cover it in its own article. For now, we give you just a few of the basic tips you need to know for starting in the best possible way.

Tip #1 – One pattern: When starting, the best you can do is choose only one pattern to dominate and plain clothing to complement it. It gets exponentially hard the more patterns you want to incorporate, so better stick to one at the beginning.

Tip #2 – Basic patterns: Nowadays there is no end to the different patterns you can find printed in clothing. At first, it’s better to stick to the basic and common ones. Single coloured dots (which by the way, play a highly important role in vintage fashion), lines, and squares are all great to start experimenting.

For more details, take a look at our guide on how to combine patterns.

Tip #3 – Contrasting colours: You will quickly realize that contrasting colours will be your best friends when incorporating them with printed clothing. These provide a great and natural aid for flawlessly merging printed clothes.

Even after becoming a fashion expert, you will come back to this suggestion

Challenge yourself to mix styles

The last and most difficult step in your journey will be to try and mix different styles and trends.

Every single one of them has preferred fabrics, colours, patterns, and cuts, so combining them without ending up looking like a clown can be quite the challenge 🙂

You will have to be very daring and creative to pull it off, but don’t worry, in the future, we will also post a guide on mixing styles. For now, use what you have learned here and try to develop your own style.

Now that you know the basics, start looking around!

With what we have said in this post you have a pretty good base in which to build your fashion sense. As we continue to post more content on Vintage Shape, we will expand some of these ideas and introduce more advanced ones.

Stick around for more information like this and don’t forget to leave your comments down below.

We will see you around soon,

Take care!

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10 thoughts on “Latest Fashion Advice | Women Fashion Tips”

  1. This is such a brilliant article. I like tip number 7more ,that  says shop for you and not for trends. All  other tips are also helpful. They sound common and obvious but such are the mistakes that we make frequently in our shopping. We sometime ignore this and waste money in the process. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Bogadi! I know what you mean; sometimes we overlook the most basic suggestions and end up going for an overcomplicated mess haha. For clothing suggestions I always say “If it’s simple and it makes sense then go for it”.

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. HI Alex. Very interesting article. Im big fan of fashion and always looking for posts and websites related to this topics. Your tips are great, we are to often forger that at the end of the day its important how we feel in clothes and not if its in line with all trends. And the most difficult one for follow it to be smart with money.  Im always saying this to myself before shopping, and later… well money is not everything ; )

    1. Hahaha Glad you liked the article Cogito! I too am somewhat of a sinner when it comes to shopping for clothes, but coming from experience, once you are aware of it and start shopping a little more with the head instead of the heart (don’t completely forget about the heart though) you will see big changes in your wallet over time. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  3. Thank you for the timeless advice on how to find the right items to look my best! I can’t help but enjoy the latest fashions and definitely want to make sure that everything has a current edge to it. I’ve been thrilled to see pant styles moving away from the skinny pants recently. What are the best pant styles to choose right now to get a quick update to my look?

    1. Hi Ali, thank you for commenting! If you want to twist your look, go for clothing that you’ve never tried before. For example, if you are into straight pants, maybe you can try some skinny or flared ones (these are great if you also wish for a vintage look). Also, go for different fabrics; if you are tired of the traditional jeans, maybe you can go for a set of cargo pants, capris, or leggings. Just make sure you match the formality and colour of the pants match to that of the rest of the outfit and the occasion.

      We will cover women pants more in detail soon 🙂

      Have a great day!

  4. I love these fashion tips for women that you have highlighted. To me one of the most important ones is the tip on underwear. It is unfortunate that we do see ladies that try and squeeze into clothes that are too small, but if it is underwear that is the wrong size, it is even worse. Knowing your body and what works for your shape, is also very important. If the latest fashion trend does not suit your body shape, then don’t try and follow it, rather go for the classics that flatter your body. 

    1. Thanks for commenting Line! I like how you think, some fashion trends will suit you better than others. The key is to know which one works for you and/or what parts of it shine the most. Cheers!

  5. This is a very interesting and informative post.

    I think that everything is simple to understand, as you have layed it out very clearly.

    Your first rule is definitely one of the most important, but forgotten in the bright lights of a shop!  I have a friend who is always checking labels to see what the garmet is made from and what the washing instructions are etc.  I always found it amusing, but he knew exactly what he was getting and whether he would wear it or not.

    Your second rule!  So basic but so overlooked.  My sister in law becomes to mind.  She carries a little weight and obviously dreams of being a size smaller.  Well I assume she does, as it looks like she always buys the size smaller!!

    Your tips are all great, but if we only remember the first two it will make a huge difference to our wardrobe.

    Keep those tips coming as we sure do need them.

    1. Thanks a lot Geoff! Glad to know the article was useful and relatable to you 🙂 Without a doubt, we will be making more of these in the future, and also focusing exclusively on men too. Stick around for that!

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