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The time has come to review some of the best heels in sale. As with the rest of our revies, the idea is to give a brief overview of some of the best vintage and retro heels available online, so that you know more about these products, and make an informed decision if you decide to purchase one of these.

We go through some specifications of the product and of course, what people are saying (both positive and negative) about it.

If you want to know more about some of the types of heels presented here, please check out our heels guide. Also, if you want to know some cool combinations with these heels, take a look at our outfits section.

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Toscana 1920S Style Heels in Red

Type: T-Straps

Price: $175.00

Place to buy: Wardrobe Shop

Materials: 100% Leather

Heel Height: 2.25″

Sizes: 7.5 – 8 (9.7″ long),  8.5 (9.9″ long),  9 (10.2″ long),  9.5-10 (10.5″ long). Heels run slighlty large. Sizing is according to the US Scale. For sizing from other countries please follow the link provided.

Wardrobe shop is one of the best vintage stores out there. They have a huge variety of classic elegant dresses, shoes, and other accessories, from different eras. If you are love retro clothing from the late 19th and early 20th century, you will love their store.

The Toscana T-straps in red is a great example of their catalogue. They are a throwback to the 1920s but carefully designed with today’s modern technology.

Immediately the heels catch your attention; the T-strap design wrapping around the tall back, along with the detailed cuts on the toe, all in a vivid red, surely makes the shoes an elegant and fashionable option. All the shoe (exterior, lining) is leather made and the bottoms are made with brushed leather.

In terms of sizing, the heels are available from 7.5 to 10 on the US scale (for women around 5’4″ to 5’9″) with the detailed measures provided above. Width is also ideal for regular width feet, providing great comfort, and feet security.

Considering the high quality of the shoes, the pricing is good, plus, WS provides an installment payment option over 6 months, and occasionally these (and other) items are on offer, so keep that in mind when purchasing.

These are a great pair of heels with an awesome and attractive design!

Kenneth Cole Pump with Flared High Heel & Ankle Strap

Type: Flared heel/Ankle strap


Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: Leather

Heel Height: 3.5″

Sizes: 5 (8.5″ long), 5.5 (8.75″ long), 6 (8.87″ long), 6.5 (9.06″ long), 7 (9.25″ long), 7.5 (9.37″ long), 8 (9.5″ long), 8.5 (9.68″ long), 9 (9.8″ long),  9.5 (10.0″ long),  10 (10.18″ long). All in US Scale and measured from heel to toe.

Flared heels were very popular during the 60s, 70s, and 80s but after that, they have remained quite hidden. These high pumps by Keneth Cole are a great way to start bringing them back; with their adjustable ankle strap, they look very stylish, not to mention comfortable thanks to the straps’ hold.

The shoes are available in 2 colours (gray and black) and come in a wide range of sizes going from 5 to 10 on the US Scale. Most girls around and including average heights will benefit from these.

Also, the heels are all leather made with a not-so-rough feel to them and very comfortable thanks to a soft shoe insole. Outside, the plain yet elegant design is a rare sight these days that will surely get noticed by the people around you.

On the other hand, customers noted that the design is meant for medium-width feet with not so large toes. Also, (in very few cases) the shoes run a little small so you may have to order a little large. Still, for only $40 they are a great pair of heels that will surely make you look/feel sexy and unique.

Retro Ankle Strap High Heels Shoes

Type: Pumps/Strap

Price: $58.30

Place to buy: Retro-Stage

Materials: Artifical Leather

Heel Hight: 3.5″

Sizes: 5 (8.9″ long), 5.5 (9.1″ long), 6 (9.3″ long), 6.5 (9.4″ long), 7 (9.6″ long), 7.5 (9.8″ long), 8 (10.0″ long), 8.5 (10.2″ long), 9 (10.4″ long). All in US Scale.

Next, we have a set of classic pumps/ankle straps with an ideal design for dresses or outfits in general from the early to mid-XX century.

These shoes by Retro-Stage feature a layer of artificial leather coloured (yellow, black, apricot, or beige) with a white cloud-like design of the same material surrounding the heel’s opening and the strap, giving it a very traditional look. The insole is rubber-made. It is a good quality shoe with a price according to its quality.

The inside and the white leather parts are prone to wearing down over time, however, with proper care, ie, using quality maintenance products and avoid movements that may compromise the integrity of the heel, the lifetime of the heel can be greatly extended

Finally, with Retro Stage’s return & refund policy, there is no downside as shoes that run small or large can be easily returned and refunded (see shipping & return for more details).

GENSHUO Kitten Heel Pumps

Type: Kitten

Price: $21.21 – $27.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: Leather, suede leather, or shiny glitter

Heel Height: 2″

Sizes: 5 (8.8″ long), 6 (9.0″ long), 7 (9.3″ long), 8 (9.6″ long), 9 (9.8″ long), 10 (10″ long), 11 (10.4″ long), 12 (10.6″ long). US Scale and heel to toe measures.

Kitten heels are a great alternative if you love comfortable and minimalistic heel designs. The different kitten heel designs offered by Genshuo are all exactly this, with a great colour variety available at a great price.

Three different fabrics are available; matte leather, suede leather, and shiny glitter, all with very simple yet elegant designs ideal for work, formal events, and parties (especially appealing in terms of looks is the shinny silver glitter model). Also, all shoes come in a wide variety of sizes (all are medium width), and the leather ones different colours.

The interior of all shoes is rubber-made with an added elastic sponge on the inside for extra comfort.

Experience among buyers suggests us to order a slightly bigger shoe as it may run small. The vast majority of people are pleased with the product.

Overall, these kitten heels are a great investment as the shoes are durable, they are super versatile as they can be combined with both vintage and modern outfits, and the price is excellent. Don’t miss this chance!

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Daniel Green’s 1980s Vintage High heeled mules (Single Stocked)

Type: Mule

Price: $92.00

Place to buy: Etsy

Materials: Faux Leather

Heel Hight: 3″

Sizes: 8 – 8.5 (around 10″ long and 3″ wide) in US Scale.

Heeled mules are some of the freshest-looking shoes out there. With vintage and retro, it gets even better as lots of these are handmade and/or come with a very unique design.

These original Daniel Green mules are 1980s originals, made with high-quality faux leather which remains in excellent condition and features a beautiful rosette-toe design with curved edges that keeps it fresh and stylish.

The shoes are creamed coloured and practically intact as they haven’t been worn before. Excellent news both for collectors and casual vintage apparel fans. Be sure to check out all the different photos covering all angles of the shoes to verify condition and originality.

Sadly, these mules are only stocked once, so chances are that you may find the product out of stock fast. If this is not the case and you love the shoes, we encourage you to get them as soon as possible, since similar unique items tend to be sold quickly.

Still, take a look at the provider’s – CatseyeVintage- store by following the link above. They have a huge variety of high-quality vintage apparel for you to buy, with most having great discounts and offers. If you love vintage you will love that store!

Tess Bridal Shoes

Type: Stilettos

Price: $289.00

Place to buy: Wardrobe Shop

Materials: Leather, Silk

Heel Hieght: 4″

Sizes: 6 (9.2″ long), 6.5 (9.3″ long), 7 (9.4″ long), 7.5 (9.6″ long), 8 (9.7″ long), 8.5 (9.9″ long), 9 (10.2″ long), 9.5 (10.3″ long), 10 (10.5″ long), 10.5 (10.7″ long).

We finish off our list with another wardrobe’s shop pick, this time for a set of premium heels that will make you look outstanding at the most exclusive events.

The tess bridal shoes are a pair of high stilettos with a very elegant design that combines imported leather (sole) with gold leather (criss-cross strapping and piping), complemented with a touch of silk, premium padding for comfort, and a beautiful embroidered gold lace, all in an open lace design.

The shoes are handmade and with great attention to detail that assures durability and a stylish vintage look.

Fortunately, most of the girls from 5’3″ up to around 6′ have a matching pair waiting for them thanks to the great size availability.

With the payments by installments option at WS the heavy price burden is eased, and if you prefer, the product might see a discount in the future, so stick around for that.

Use your heels wisely!

Remember that different occasions require different heels. With the alternatives presented here, we got you covered with very different designs so that you are prepared for any situation, rocking in the best possible way your vintage and retro styles.

Also, use your heels not only for your fashion needs but also for your health. Be aware of the health issues that may derive from using heels and minimize them by using them wisely over short periods.

Leave your comments down below if you have any questions, and we will reach out to you soon with a response.

Take care and enjoy your heels 🙂

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