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Best Hoodies Online | Vintage Sweatshirts

Hoodies and sweatshirts are an important part of men’s vintage fashion. We explained in our Hoodies & sweatshirts guide the evolution of these clothing pieces, and how vintage wear is widely accepted in modern society through different social groups.

We believe is important for you to know about the best hoodies online, and also about great sweatshirts; of course, keeping it vintage but without neglecting some modern aspects.

For this reason, (like with the rest of our reviews) we searched the internet for some of the best offers and came up with a great review that we are sure you are going to be pleased with.

Hopefully, you will find the sweatshirt/hoodie that you are looking for in this post, and don’t forget to check out our other reviews!

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O’Neill Biege Sweatshirt

Type: Sweatshirt

Price: €19 (around $23)

Place to buy: HotMilk

Materials: Unknown

Sizes (inches): (Chest, Sleeve length, Length) – Medium: 21.00 x 31.50 x 25.50

Have you ever heard about HotMilk? If not, then you are missing out. A Lithuanian vintage street clothing brand, HotMilk is very different from other stores.

They take secondhand clothes and (as they say) bring them back to life. All of their catalogs are branded,100% vintage, restored, and taken care of so that it looks almost new. The 80s and 90s unisex street clothing is their trademark.

Other great things about HotMilk are that they ship to the entire world and they have a 100% refund in case the piece does not fit you, which leads us to their main downside.

Uniqueness in each piece is guaranteed (very few people in the world have similar apparel) but it comes at a price, this being that every piece is stocked only once and in only one size, so pieces like this great O’Neill sweatshirt are a one time opportunity.

Still, it is worth mentioning a few things about it.

The sweatshirt is like no other as it is both simple and elegant. Unlike other sweatshirts, this one fits a little tight to the body and the plain with the design with just the O’Neill logo is very refined.

You also get the usual perks of a sweatshirt; comfort, warmness, and softness, not to mention the price is excellent.

If you are looking for a unique sweatshirt and your body type adjusts well, definitely give it a try before someone else purchases it. You have nothing to lose!

With HotMilk you will find a lot of unique quality items, so even if this piece is out of stock, we encourage you to take a look at their website. We are sure there is something special there for you 🙂

Vintage Zen Pullover Hood

Type: Hoodie

Price: $28.70 – $47.22

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 55% Cotton, 45% Polyester

Sizes: From Small up to 3XL, however, there are no details of its dimensions. You can find an estimate of the measures in a hoodie here.

A very popular hoodie due to its comfort, simplicity, and quality, this vintage pullover hoodie is super soft, weightless, and warm; ideal for resting and relaxing.

The hoodie features a front pocket which is great for hand rest and warmth, a V-neck reminiscent of the first sweatshirts, and seamed details with raw edges that also radiate a classic look.

Another great thing is that it is available in 7 colours and in 6 sizes ranging from Small up to 3XL. It may run a little bit small so ordering a size above may be a good idea.

Being a unisex hoodie it can be a great gift for either men or women, with the ladies having a tendency to fall in love with it due to its extreme softness,

The main downside may be the washing, as some people complain that the colour fades relatively quickly and occasionally rubs the colour on other clothes, but most of the opinions are very positive. Keep this in mind when purchasing.

Last but not least, the price varies according to size and model but even the upper bound seems like a reasonable deal.

Champion LIFE Weave Pullover Hoodie

Type: Hoodie

Price: $33.41 – $139.24

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 82% Cotton, 18% Polyester

Sizes (inches): (Chest, Waist, Arm) – Small: 34.00 – 36.00 x 28.00 – 30.00 x 31.50 – 32.00, Medium: 38.00 – 40.00 x 32.00 – 34.00 x 32.50 – 33.00, Large: 42.00 – 44.00 x 36.00 – 38.00 x 33.50 – 35.00 + MORE

You can’t talk about vintage hoodies without mentioning Champion. Being the first brand to produce the hoodie, why not promote one of their hoodies? Or better yet, a lot of them 🙂

The Champion store on amazon offers DOZENS of different hoodies (hence the big price range) with lots of colours and patterns available. Most of their hoodies are available in Small and up to 3XL; make sure to check out their size chart for more details.

Out of all the hoodies, one of our favorites is the weave pullover hoodie.

The design of this hoodie is very simple, coming in just a plain gray colour, but undeniably elegant thanks to its athletic fit, the big front pocket, and the small champion logo on the chest and arm.

Some people don’t like the weight as it is heavier than other hoodies, but all this weight is put up to good use. Made out of a cotton-rich fleece, the hoodie is extra soft and brushed inside. It also maintains its form even after numerous washes.

Another common note among buyers is that it runs a little large, so it may be wise for you to purchase a size above. But hey, it a unisex hoodie too so girls love hoodies that a little oversized.

If you are into different types of hoodies, be sure to check out the rest of champion’s amazon store, their catalog is very diverse and full of great pieces!

Vintage Edinburgh Sweatshirt

Type: Sweatshirt

Price: $37.00

Place to buy: Etsy

Materials: 50% cotton and 50% polyester

Sizes (inches): (Width, Length) – Small: 20.00 x 26.00, Medium: 22.00 x 27.00, Large: 24.00 x 28.00, X-Large: 26.00 x 29.00, XX-Large: 28.00 x 30.00. For details on the way its measured check out the link provided

Another great unisex piece, this Edinburgh sweatshirt has vintage written all over it. But before we get into that, you may be asking yourself why Edinburgh?

Well, Edinburgh is just one of many cities with designs just like this; all are produced by Coastline Cotton. Be sure to take a look at their store through the link provided as your favourite city may be part of their catalog.

Now onto the Edinburgh sweatshirt…!

As we said, this is all vintage; the printed letters in combination with the plain blue background really set the tone for that, not to mention the message is very patriotic and detailed. If you are Scottish or simply love Scotland you will definitely love this one.

It a handmade sweatshirt with a design that features a rib-knit waistband and cuffs.

Another great thing is its size availability and their colour selection; with sizes going from small up to XXL and 4 really beautiful colours, you have will surely be pleased with your selection.

The sweatshirt itself is light compared to other ones but does not sacrifice warmness for it. It is also very soft and resistant.

One of the top-rated pieces in their store, you are guaranteed to receive great quality at a great price!

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Umbro Gray Hoodie Unisex

Type: Hoodie

Price: €29 (around $35)

Place to buy: HotMilk

Materials: Unknown

Size (inches): (Chest, Sleeve length, Length)Small: 21.70 x 28.00 x 26.00

Another one-of-a-kind hoodie by HotMilk that you want to grab before someone else does.

This one is a vintage unisex hoodie that you rarely see nowadays. With the vintage Umbro logo on the front and the plain gray background, you can’t ask for more classic. The hoodie looks good fitted both athletically or baggy.

As you can tell from the picture, the hoodie is in great condition and comes with the traditional front pocket. Not to mention it looks warm like no other!.

Remember that HotMilk provides great quality but stocks only one piece for each model. If this Umbro hoodie is sold, check out their store for more options as they continuously add new apparel.

NCAA Maine Vintage Arch Crewneck Sweatshirt

Type: Sweatshirt

Price: $31.40 – $33.67

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester

Sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large. Not details on the dimensions are given. You can use this size chart to give you an idea of how sweatshirts measure, however, the actual dimensions may vary.

Another great series of sweatshirts. SDI stores bring us the vintage NCAA/University sweatshirts with designs that you don’t find that easily on university campuses.

As we stated in our guide, the sweatshirt fever was (and still is) heavily supported by universities, with their designs being some of the most popular in the world. Nowadays, people that didn’t even go to university wear them, so the trend for sure has surpassed expectations.

We now present you one of the many designs at SDI stores…. the MAINE sweatshirt

Coming in two contrasting designs, in 3 sizes (Medium up to XL), and with the faded printed letters on top of the plain colour the sweatshirt has an extremely vintage vibe. Other features include the double-needle stitched waistband, armholes, collar, and shoulders.

The fabric is a combination of cotton and polyester so you can expect a soft and resistant piece that keeps its shape even after numerous wears. However, be aware that the letters will fade the more you wash the sweatshirt.

At an excellent price offered, you get a great return for your money, as it is a comfortable sweatshirt that can be used tightly, baggy, or however you feel like. As a final note, it is also a unisex piece 🙂

Colorful Block 3D Print Kangaroo Pocket Hoodie

Type: Hoodie

Price: $32,99

Place to buy: RoseGal

Materials: Polyester

Sizes (inches): (Chest, Sleeve Length, Length) – Small: 43.30 x 26.80 x 29.10, Medium: 44.90 x 27.60 x 29.90, Large: 46.50 x 28.30 x 30.70 + MORE

As you can probably tell by now, our last selection is a very extravagant hoodie. If you are into very unusual hoodie designs RoseGal is the place for you. You can find printed wolfs, skulls, thunders, or flags in your hoodie to name a few.

Among these, the 3D colourful block hoodie excels

The hoodie comes in sizes starting from Small up to 3XL. It is medium weight, stretches a little bit, and of course comfortable. Since it is made entirely with polyester it is more durable than other types of hoodies. It is more of a tight fit hoodie than a baggy one., but you can wear it as you please.

Considering the details in it and the mixture colours, the price it is offered is very reasonable. Also, RoseGal tends to have a lot of offers, so check regularly as it may have a price cut soon.

Overall it is the perfect hoodie if you wish to catch the attention of everyone around you.

Use your sweatshirt and hoodie as you please!

With all the different hoodies and sweatshirts provided in this review you a very wide list of alternatives.

Remember that these clothes can be worn casually outside, for example at the park or a drinking night with friends, or inside, when you just want to lay down in your bed and feel warm and cozy. In the end, the primary reason to wear this type of clothes is comfort.

Look for a design that you like and that you feel comfortable in; no need to overthink with some exotic fashion combinations.

That is all for now and don´t forget to stay tuned for more blogs here at Vintage Shape. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know in the comment section below.

Enjoy your coziness!


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  1. OMG! Yes, I’m into unusual…haha…I also love to be comfortable when I’m out and about. So a hoodie is perfect for me. Especially at this time of the year. 

    By the way, that 3-D hoodie from RoseGal is cool. I have never heard of any of the fashion sites that you mention besides Amazon and Esty. I’ve definitely heard of Amazon but the others; they are all new to me. 

    The Rosegal entire site looks interesting. 

    The HotMilk site has some interesting clothing as well. I do find it really clever that the take second hand clothes and particularly make them new again. That’s amazing. I’ll definitely be looking over their site and I’m bookmarking your site.

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