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Every woman has to have a blouse in her wardrobe. Whether it’s for working or casual environments, blouses radiate feminity like no other top. So which are the best blouses to buy online? We’ve compiled a brief and exclusive selection of blouses that will revitalize your wardrobe in no time.

Very different designs and price ranges are featured here, so you will most likely come across at least one that fits your style.

On the other hand, if you are interested in trying new combinations with some of these blouses, take a look at our outfit suggestions. With these two posts, you will be all set up to wear the cutest blouses in the best possible way!

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woman with silk blouse

Type: Bow-tie

Price: $119.99

Place to buy: Retro-Stage

Materials: 95% Silk 5% Spandex

Sizes (inches): (Bust, Waist, Hip) – Medium: 34.60 x 27.60 x 37.40, Large: 36.20 x 29.10 x 39.00, X-Large: 37.80 x 30.70 x 40.60.

Silk is one of the most premium materials you can find out there. A silk blouse in working environments is very well seen, and when you add a dazzling bow-tie on top of it, the result is something marvelous.

This solid bow-tie blouse by retro-stage is exactly that. It comes in four very attractive colours (the wine red is especially beautiful) and it’s available in three different sizes. With blouses like this, you may get away with it running a little bit large, so even if you are small size, you may be able to wear it.

Thanks to the silk and its long sleeve design, you will feel extremely comfortable with it. The fabric does not stretch and it is durable given the proper care. See the caring instructions provided by Retro-Stage.

The blouse goes great with formal trousers and skirts, and although it’s a little bit of a premium blouse, you should definitely try it out if you are in need of business attire.

Ruffled Sleeve Swiss Dot Plus Size Blouse

woman in red blouse

Type: Ruffled

Price:$33.59 ($20.11 on offer)

Place to buy: RoseGal

Materials: Polyester

Sizes (inches): (Bust, Length, Shoulder) – 1XL: 49.2 x 29.5 x18.5,  2XL: 53.1 x 29.9 x 19.7,  3XL: 57.1 x 30.3 x 29.7,  4XL: 61.0 x 30.7 x 22.

Ruffled sleeves on blouses are something that you don’t see every day, but will surely enchant more than one person that sees these. This blouse by RoseGal is quite interesting and it is available on XL sizing only. It comes in three different colours.

Its design is very beautiful as it comes with a swiss dot print on a transparent cover that i highlighted around the shoulder and bottom sections. Underneath it, a plain but more intense cover of the same colour contrasts really well.

The whole blouse has flares gracefully slightly resembling the shape of an A-Line dress.

On the other hand, the fabric although thin is very resistant and lightweight as it is made out of polyester. Moreover, durability and easy-to-care are other perks this blouse has.

Previous buyers love the blouses’ softness, comfort, and that it looks and fits exactly as promoted.

Take advantage of the current offer and get it at a bargain price before it runs out!

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Victorian Ruffle Lace & Ribbon Blouse

vintage victorian blouse

Type: Victorian/Lace

Price: $70.99

Place to buy: Etsy

Materials: Broadcloth & Cotton

Sizes (inches): Bust – Small: 32 – 34, Medium: 35 – 39, Large: 40 – 44, X-Large: 45 – 49

There are many types of vintage blouses, however, none compares to the victorian blouse. Take a close look at the blouse from PremierVictorian and you will know why.

This victorian blouse is handmade and perfectly resembles the classic ones of the19th century. It features a white lace front, a ribbon trim, and a wide scalloped lace. The sleeves extend around the elbows and the blouse close from the back (buttoned).

The details on the blouse are amazing and the quality is not bad either. At a very fair price, you get a unique quality piece, where softness and comfort are assured.

Although the blouse is available in four sizes, the store is known to accept custom orders. Ask the store for the full measurement list and compare it to the dimensions of your body. If any particular area requires some change, you will most likely be able to do it.

Still, the design may slighlty limit arm movement. Wear this blouse only on special ocassions and we assure you it will dazzle everyone around you 🙂

Oh, and be sure to check out the store PremierVictorian for a wide variety of items/clothes from the victorian era.

Vintage Ethnic Floral Print Curved Hem Casual Blouse

vintage printed long blouse

Type: Long Blouse

Price: $23.99 ($17.99 on offer)

Place to buy: Newchic

Materials: Cotton

Sizes (inches): (Bust, Shoulder, Length) – Small: 37.40 x 18.31 x 30.63, Medium: 39.37 x 19.29 x 31.10, Large: 41.34 x 20.28 x 31.57, X-Large: 43.31 x 21.26 x 32.05, 2X-Large: 45.28 x 22.24 x 32.52

Long blouses are known among blouses for being able to shine on their own, and for providing a quick way to arrange an outfit. It is essential that these blouses are visually attractive and unique; the vintage ethnic floral print blouse by newchic is exactly that.

The blouse features an exotic vintage print that combines dots, plaid, flowers, and others in various colours. All of these, in combination with the lapel collar, long sleeves, and curved hem, make up a very eye-catching blouse.

Cotton is the fabrication material, so you better believe it’s going to be soft and comfortable to wear.

Also, both the size selection and the price are excellent. It is widely praised by the buyers, especially for it being true to size, unique, and of high-quality material.

Give it a try and see how even with the simplest apparel (for example jeans) to complement, it will stand out among other casual outfits.

Leopard Poet Sleeve Blouse

girl with poet sleeve blouse

Type: Party

Price: $23.91 ($11.83 on offer)

Place to buy: Zaful

Materials: Polyester

Sizes (inches): (Bust, Shoulder, Length) – Small: 39.37 x 14.76 x 24.02, Medium: 40.94 x 15.16 x 24.41, Large: 43.31 x 15.75 x 25.00, X-Large: 45.67 x 16.34 x 25.59.

From our first suggestion, you can get an idea of how expensive formal blouses can get. The next blouse by Zaful is an affordable and fairly good quality alternative, that with the discount offered, makes up for an opportunity you can’t miss.

The blouse comes in a very elegant leopard print, ideal for office environments, and it’s available in four different sizes. Moreover, it features unique poet sleeves and decorative buttons on the front.

Overall, the blouse has a relaxed shape to it and it is meant to be exactly that; a light and easy-to-wear blouse.

Made with polyester, you can expect a non-stretchy blouse that is very durable and resistant.

Apart from the office look that it provides when worn tucked with pencil skirts or formal trousers, the blouse can also be worn casually. Pull the blouse out and wear jeans or casual pants with it and you are good to go!

Yesfashion Sleeveless Halter Twisted Pleated Tank Top Blouse

girl with sleeveless halter neck

Type: Halter Neck

Price: $15.25 – $41.99

Place to buy: Amazon

Materials: Knit, Rayon, & Spandex

Sizes (inches): (Bust, Length) – Small: 34.3 – 36.6 x 24.18, Medium: 35.8 – 39.0 x 24.57, Large: 37.4 – 42.1 x 24.96, XX-Large: 39.0 – 43.6 x 25.35.

Halter necks are some of the sexiest neck designs you can find on blouses. Usually, blouses with halter necks are sleeveless, making them look very similar to other tops such as the tank top. Still, the material and quality of the blouse surpass that of a top.

Yesfashion offers DOZENS of different halter neck blouse designs, with numerous colours, and for the price range given above. You can find plain, multicolor, floral, striped, and many more blouse prints.

The neck design also varies a little bit. Some close higher than others so be sure to check all the alternatives before purchasing.

One of the common points among most of these blouses is the material. The combination of knit, spandex, and rayon is very comfortable, elastic, and breathable. Also, the size range of all them goes from S to 2XL.

Being one of the most popular halter neck blouses on Amazon, customers highlight the great quality to price ratio, the flattering fit, the comfort, and how similar it looks to the picture provided.

On the other hand, girls with short torsos or small armpits tell us that it may run a little large on those areas.

Still, given the fact that returns are available, we encourage you to give them a try. Halter necks are a must-have for every woman, and the selection offered by Yesfashion is some of the most extensive out there!

Plus Size Black Sunflower Blouse

girl with plus size sunflower blouse
Type: Long Sleeve/Floral

Price: $29.00

Place to buy: Zapaka

Materials: Polyester

Sizes (inches): (Bust, Waist) – X-Large: 40-42 x 33-35, 2X-Large: 42-44 x 36-38, 3X-Large: 44-46 x 38-40 + 4X-Large (Ask seller for dimensions).

Our last suggestion is a casual blouse that serves as a wildcard. It looks good in combination with almost anything and under all types of conditions, not to mention it is really beautiful.

Zapaka’s Sunflower blouse is available for plus sizes only and comes at a very good price.

It features a floral pattern with a very attractive colour combination, long sleeves, and a discrete strap on the neck. The blouse is made with polyester, so it is durable and resistant. In addition to this, the blouse is soft and very comfortable to wear.

Given that the hem is rectangular, it is advisable to wear it tucked. This way it looks tighter and sexier.

For the offered price the quality is very good, however, the stock is limited. Be sure to grab one before it runs out!

Also, if you shop plus sizing, Zapaka has a great selection for you, with attractive offers year-round. Surf the site a little bit if you are interested in other pieces 🙂

Blouses are still rolling!

Even in modern times where women are leaving blouses aside to wear other modern tops, blouses still impact the fashion world heavily.

These pieces are seen as more traditional and classy apparel, and also radiate a traditional aura of femininity. Every lady should make room on her wardrobe for both formal and casual blouses. Try them out, you won’t be disappointed

Thanks a lot for reading, and we wish you luck with your online shopping journey, and of course, with your blouse selection.

Don’t forget to leave your comments down below and stay tuned for more fashion content here at VS 🙂

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